Ring of Tears Nipple Clamp

Like every month, this month I was also offer a couple of items for review and this time we chose the Ring of Tears Nipple Clamp. As can be read on this blog, I am into a bit of pain in my nipples (understatement alert) and Master T doesn’t mind inflicting the pain.

Packaging & Contents
The clamp came in a clear plastic bag with a fancy box or packaging.

Shape ‘n Size & Material
It consists of a round steel ring with five adjustable, blunt ended screws going through the ring. It’s made of body safe stainless steel.

20150419-002wm nipple clamp
Ring of Tears Nipple Clamp seen from side
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How does it work?
Simply put the ring over the nipple of the ‘subject’ and start fastening the screws. Turn the screws a bit one by one, until the nipple is trapped between the five screws. Then of course the screws can be tightened some more to cause pain.

My experience with the product
The first thing I noticed when I took the clamp from the package it was sent in, was its weight. I wondered if it would ever stay on my nipple, once it’s been put on. Then I realized that for it to stay on, it had to be fastened properly. Tightly. Excitement and a mild fear took hold of me. That evening Master T first put the clamp on my left nipple. He tightened the screws one by one, and as soon as my nipple was trapped between the five screws, he tightened the screws a bit more. It hurt a lot. I was on my back when he fastened the clamp, but he told me to sit up and suck his cock. He was standing beside the bed. Each time I moved it was as if a needle was pushed into my nipple. It hurt. The weight of the clamp pulled down on my nipple, but the screws held on, hurting it even more. After some time he told me to lie down again and he removed the nipple.

Next Master T attached the clamp to my right nipple. It hurt a bit less than on the left side, but it still hurt. He told me to sit up again and continue sucking his cock. Just like he did on the left side, he fondled my right breast. It hurt a bit, but again not as much as it did on the left. Soon the reason became apparent: the clamp was not fastened tight enough. Its mere weight allowed it to slip off my nipple.

20150419-004wm nipple clamp
Ring of Tears Nipple Clamp seen from front
(click to enlarge)

My opinion of the product
Having my nipples tortured really excites me, and with this clamp it’s no different. Even though I cringe at the pain and I want it to stop, I long for it the moment it’s taken off. Sometimes when I am really horny, I long for the pain and even ask Master T to put nipple clamps on my nipples. Mostly he takes out the clover clamps, but I have a feeling this Ring of Tears Nipple Clamp might be used just as much as the clover clamps.

Where to buy?
You can buy the Ring of Tears Nipple Clamp at Überkinky for 20 British Pounds.

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