Pub(l)ic Landscaping

In February of this year I went for my first waxing. Or, that is what I told you.

Truth is, we actually hired a landscaping artist to do some public pubic landscaping.

Or did I go for the waxing?

My memory might be failing me…

(click to enlarge & browse images)

You know, seeing these images, I suddenly remembered. We first had the landscaping done, then the waxing, then… nah… it doesn’t make sense anymore (tongue in cheek)

I hope you have as much fun looking at these images as we had making them!

© Rebel’s Notes

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21 thoughts on “Pub(l)ic Landscaping

  1. I feel like I’ve seen these before. Maybe I’m deja vu-ing. Did you post them on FetLife at some point, perhaps? They’re really cute.

    1. Thanks. These have not been shared anywhere else. Maybe you’re thinking about my Christmas photos with Playmobil or last Halloween’s photos with Skelly?

  2. Oh my goodness Marie these are just BRILLIANT. I love the one where the little figure is looking directly at the camera as if he assuring us that he is nearly done clearing up. LOVE these sooooooo much


  3. These images are pure dead brilliant as we say on a Scotland 🙂 they give hope to my little who is a very regular waxer but has been instructed to allow her pubes to grow until ,,,,, well we shall see until when !! Slightly driving her wild BUT ……. :-). She is such a good girl !!! Perhaps it’s time !! Xxx

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