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Searches in May 2015
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This week I am combining two memes, Wicked Wednesday and Sexy Searching. If you have not heard of the latter meme yet, you might want to check it out by clicking the button at the bottom of this post. When I looked at the search terms that found my blog in the past 30 days, I noticed that the word ‘panties’, or rather the words ‘no panties’ was on there quite a lot. My eyes also fell on ‘office’ in combination with panties… as well as butt plug… and short skirt…

Seeing those words together had a story forming in my head. This is also a fantasy of mine, although I would not want this to happen where I work. It’s more the part of having to ‘undergo’ what is happening that fits my fantasy perfectly, than having sex in the office.

Monica looked around the CEO’s office to make sure everything was in place. His chair was turned sideways, ready for him to sit down and swivel into position at his desk. A leather-bound notebook with a silver pen and pencil right next to it was the only thing on the shiny black glass of the desk, except for the crystal vase with yellow roses. Convinced that everything was in order, Monica turned around to return to her office and walked right into the broad chest of the CEO.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she mumbled without looking at him and squeezed herself between her and the door to leave.
“Miss Monica?”

It was the tone in his voice that stopped her. He stepped aside to give her some room. She stood next to him and her eyes followed his gaze. It took a couple of seconds for her to understand what was wrong. It was Thursday! Dammit! She forgot to put the agenda for this morning’s board meeting on his desk. Monica almost ran to her desk to get the agenda. In her mind she cursed herself for being so horny since she woke up that morning. She had never been able to think straight when she was horny, and this morning was no exception. It meant she forgot things. Such as the agenda. She bent over her desk to reach for the agenda, which she had printed as soon as she had her computer started up that morning.

The CEO watched her with a twinkle in his eyes when she almost ran to his desk to put the agenda in place. Again she bent over the desk to put the agenda to the left of the notebook.
“Do you always come to work without panties, Miss Monica?”

What happened next is something Monica would play in her mind over and over again for the rest of her life. In slow motion.

It took her mind milliseconds to understand what he had said. She reacted by doing three things at the same time: she straightened up, tried to pull down her skirt and turned around. In reaching backwards to pull down her skirt she sent the vase with roses flying off the desk. Her body changed direction from turning around and straightening up to diving after the vase, only to make her realize that her buttocks might be exposed again. Monica reached backwards to her skirt again and cringed when the glass shattered on the floor. Even with the bright red blush of shame and humiliation on her face, Monica noticed how beautiful the yellow roses looked between the shards. Drops of water clung to the delicate petals.

“Why don’t you just bend over the desk again, Miss Monica?”
His voice was a whisper directly behind her. The heat his body radiated caressed her back. The scent of his aftershave filled her nose.
“You know you want to. I know you want to.”
Monica pushed her thighs together. Her nipples hardened. She stood motionless.


Until his hand cupped her right buttock.

Under the skirt.

Bare skin on bare skin.

He didn’t have to speak again. Monica bent over the desk and without him telling her, she spread her legs. He ran both his hands over her bottom, squeezing her buttocks. He pulled them apart. Squeezed them again and then moved his right hand down, finding her wetness. He spread her slickness around and found her clitoris. The CEO frigged her. Monica moaned and the closer she came to her orgasm, the louder she moaned. Just before she reached her climax, he stopped. She grunted in frustration and listened to him moving around. Was he going to fuck her? Oh yes, please let him fuck me, she thought. She heard a drawer open and close. Of course, he’s getting a condom, the thought crossed her mind.

“Hold this between your teeth and don’t let go until I say so,” he said and held the stem of one of the roses in front of her face. Monica had no time to worry about the thorns as he pressed the wet stem against her lips. She opened her mouth and carefully bit down on the stem. She forgot about the thorns when the CEO spread her buttocks again. A cold fluid ran down between it and then something cold pressed against her darker opening. Monica breathed in deep. This is not happening, she thought. This IS happening. Oh my god, this is happening!

Monica forgot where she was. She stayed perfectly still and allowed the intrusion in her body. Her pussy oozed with horny desire. She moaned as the plug stretched her wider and sighed when the wider part passed through and the plug was pushed into its final position. Mmmm and now he’s going to fuck me.
“Now come on, get on with your work, Miss Monica. I have a meeting to prepare for,” the CEO said as he moved around the desk and sat down. He turned the chair and looked into Monica’s blazing eyes.
“Put yourself down for a meeting at 3pm. Cancel all others, Miss Monica,” he said as he removed the rose from her mouth. Monica nodded, pushed herself off the table and turned to leave the office. She stopped when she heard his voice.

“And don’t forget to get the cleaners in here and order new roses!”

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10 thoughts on “No Panties

  1. Such nice little details…the shards, the drops of water, the cold liquid. I love the sense of tension, and it definitely raised my body heat a degree or two.

  2. Damnit this is hot! I love how you twisted the story just enough for us tonot know what was coming next.

    Wonderfully written

    Flip x

  3. Oh my Marie . . . very naughty! And very, very arousing!
    Though I often go without knickers, my mini-skirt days are long over . . . but your story has certainly got me tingling!!!
    Xxx – K

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