Moaning & Groaning

Hello sweet people!

Oh I really have something sexy to tell you today…

There was this day when I went out with Rebel and her friend. I had no idea where we were going. No one ever tells me anything. You see, that Rebel still seems to think I am only some kind of trinket she can take with her and have a good laugh over. She still doesn’t completely understand what a part of her life I am.

But, I am digressing…

There we were, in some kind of waiting area. No one came to greet us, so we sat down and looked around. I got up on a shelf and wondered what all the product around me was for. Before I could read the writing on the wall… uh… I mean… on the products, a lady came from the back and we were asked to follow her.

20150207-023wm waxing skelly
I felt misplaced between the beauty products…

Once in the room my eyes almost popped out of my head. Don’t worry, that’s just a figure of speech. I know I don’t have eyes! Within minutes Rebel was naked. That meant sex! I looked at her friend and looked at the other lady, but they kept their clothes on. Obviously they were not going to take anything off, which actually disappointed me a lot. That meant no sex, right?

20150207-006wm waxing skelly

Rebel sat down in a thing that resembled a dentist chair and that other lady started doing something between Rebel’s legs. I could not see just what she was doing, but then I heard a low groan coming from Rebel. Aaaaaah, sex after all. That’s the way I know my Rebel! I moved in closer, because I wanted to see just what was causing her so much pleasure.

Big was my surprise when I saw that it wasn’t from pleasuring orgasm that Rebel was moaning and groaning, but because that lady was putting some pink stuff on her and then pulling it off again. And each time she pulled it off, Rebel moaned. And each time she pulled it off, some of the hair between Rebel’s legs disappeared. It’s only then that I realized what those conversations between Rebel and her husband was about. All this time I thought they were talking about a Brazilian woman they wanted to meet!

20150207-022wm waxing skelly

Rebel didn’t moan all the time she was in that chair. She also laughed and talked like she normally does. Her friend sat there with a grimace on her face, as if she felt the same pain that Rebel felt. Halfway through the waxing Rebel was quiet when those hairs were pulled from her body, except for the moment the hairs just above her slit were removed. Even though that lady warned her, Rebel moaned and panted and groaned. That must really have hurt a lot.

After what felt like an hour, Rebel was dressed again and the ladies walked back to the car and started their drive to a restaurant for lunch. I listened to their chatter while in the car, but all I could think of then was to put my face between Rebels smoothly waxed lips!

That’s a story for another time…

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