I want…

I want to be bound by you.

I want to beg for the clamps on my nipples.

I want to feel the blade of the knife on my skin.

I want to see the blood.

I want to be at your mercy.

I want to beg for the cane.

I want to feel the pain.

I want you to wipe my tears.

I want your hands on me, touching me.


I want to be your slut, your whore.

I want to kneel.

I want you to hurt me once more.

I want you to hold me.

I want to feel your control.

My submission.

I want.


20141109-010wm collar sepia
I want to wear your collar.
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Wicked Wednesday

10 thoughts on “I want…

  1. I felt every word of this, Marie, and it resonates so much with me.

    Wonderful words, and I love the image which accompanies them xx

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