Happy Man

Remember Halloween last year, when I introduced the Skeleton Man? Actually, I think he only got his name after that post, but in the meantime he has become a fixed part of my blog. The Skeleton Man, or Skelly as I lovingly call him, has his own page on Rebel’s Notes, where you can click through to read what he has to say. He’s quite a blabbermouth, spreading rumors about me that I don’t know whether I should own up to or deny.


20150131-129wm Skelly nipple
Just look at that smug face!
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When I started writing the first Skelly stories, it just so happened that I wrote it as a letter from Skelly to the readers. In writing from his perspective, I realized I can tell things about myself without really telling them. Does that make sense? Writing as Skelly, as him observing me, allowed me to share things in a lighthearted way. Sometimes I sat here giggling while writing the pieces, enjoying to crawl into his skin and watching me. I hope you enjoy reading the Skelly letters as much as I Skelly likes to write them.

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