Date Night

You know that thing they called life? The one we are all living? The one that makes time pass by so quickly? Yes, that one.

It’s the one where you have to go to work… and at work you have meetings… or it’s incredibly busy… or you have a lot of phonecalls… or it’s end of the month chaos… and by the time you can go to home you are pooped and all you want to do is sit on the couch and mindlessly watch the screen of the television set, not really taking in what you see. Or you come home to an evening where you have to go to one of the children’s schools, or you have to do some ironing because you didn’t have time during the weekend. Or in the evening you have writing to do because there’s a deadline you have to meet or you took some things home from work that you just need to tend to. By the time you get to bed you really just want to sleep… and all those kinky thought you had about whips and clamps and wax and knives are still there, but you think “tomorrow night”. You kiss your partner, turn over and go to sleep.

The next morning you regret the fact that nothing happened and you decide that you will do the kinky stuff in the weekend, but when you made the decision you forgot that you still have to go help your mother move a table, or you have to get some groceries, or you have a dinner appointment, or you have to do the laundry… and by the time you get to bed it’s 3am in the morning and… all you want to do is sleep. Again you push those kinky thoughts aside and say: “tomorrow”. And before you know it’s Sunday evening and you have to go to sleep on time because the alarm clock will wake you again at 5.30 the next morning.

Tomorrow becomes tomorrow or the day after or the weekend or next weekend or when we have that overnight stay in the hotel or… and before you know you look back and think: it’s been weeks since we did anything kinky.

Recognize this?

Well, this happened to us.

One day became the next, and the next, and the next. Oh, it wasn’t like nothing happened. He pinched my nipples. I wear my butt plug for at least 90 minutes on three appointed evenings during the week, I ask for permission to climax, I submit to His will. It’s all there, but it’s not enough, because pinching my nipples during sex or wearing my plug on appointed times… that’s just not enough. I crave a spanking, I crave wax play, I crave to be bound and used, I craved the whip, the flogger, the (vampire) paddle, the pinwheel, the knife, the onion comb. I crave a real session with Master T. I miss it. I want more than only ‘fixed tasks’.

We talked about it and both of us vowed to get back to it, but then fell into our old pattern again: today becomes tomorrow and tomorrow becomes the day after. Frustration built on my side. It always does, up to a point where I am close to exploding into tears and nastiness. This time I stopped it just before the explosion happened. I had an idea: date night!

Except… I didn’t know what Master T would think of it. There was a time when both of us agreed that making an appointment to have sex or play is not what we want, but over the years we have grown to do so… with others.

I ran the idea by Master T and He immediately agreed. He was uncharacteristically enthusiastic about it. We discussed it, looking at it from all sides and knew this is what we should do. We both long for the same things from different sides of the spectrum. We both also knew that it we don’t have a weekly date night, it might be weeks or maybe months before we get back to do the things we want, if ever our lives get less busy than it is now.

20150404-022wm hotel stay marks
This is what I might look like after date night
(click to enlarge)

We settled on Sunday. Sunday evenings are our new date night. Laptops out on time, upstairs on time, then fun times. Added benefit is that we can use all of Sunday to set the mood, to fuel the horniness, to prepare, to talk about it, to hint about it. We can use all of Sunday for foreplay.

Deciding that Sundays would be our date nights, doesn’t exclude anything from happening on any other day of the week. And if we had a play night on Saturday, it’s not an excuse to cancel date night for that week. Date night stands. Only illness will cancel date night, nothing else. Except for long illnesses (which we hope neither of us get) we are not allowed to cancel two date nights after each other.

Whoever said you cannot date your own partner when living in the same house? If life happens around you and you just don’t get to the things you crave to do, just set time aside each week and enjoy! We sure are!

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