Y is for Yoghurt

“It’s going to make a mess, so let’s leave it for last,” Master T said when we started making photos and sorted out the order of the products we were going to use.

He was referring to the yoghurt (the only taste I like in yoghurt is this one with strawberries), which we put aside. We had a towel ready to wipe the most off me before I would take a shower.

One by one we used the products to make a series of photos for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

“I have another idea,” Master T said as we neared the end of the photo session, “we are not going to make a mess after all.”

And we didn’t make a mess… I didn’t spill one drop.

Can you guess what I did with the dildo next?

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Wicked Wednesday

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Y = Yoghurt


7 thoughts on “Y is for Yoghurt

  1. Yogurt is very good for the internal flora and fauna of the vagina… I have used live plain yogurt on many occasions to correct things. It is not without its mess but damn that stuff works like a dream


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