Tie Me Up, A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales

I don’t normally do two posts on one day, but I just had to put this on here today…

At the end of last year I was approached by F. Leonora Solomon to write a story for a bondage-themed book. I had one almost ready then and within a week or two after her request, I sent it to her. Her enthusiasm when she read it was so good for my self-confidence and before I knew I was riding the waves of excitement with her. I received the contract and signed it. I received her edits and worked through it. The cover was released and I was SO proud to see my name right there, on the cover. And then, today is released day for Tie Me Up.

Tie Me Up book cover
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You can read excerpts to all the stories on Leonora’s site. Believe me, the stories are hot and sex and if you are interested in or into bondage, these stories are all for you. This is the excerpt to my story:

He ran his hand along the side of her body, walked around her and continued on to her other side. When he walked around for the second time, he paused to cover her eyes with a blindfold. Instantly all sensations intensified by tenfold: the rope hugging her, his hand touching her, her exposed cunt and her submission. Craig stood between her legs and touched her cunt, slowly pushing a finger inside.

“You are wet and ready, sweetheart. Are you horny?”

“Yes,” Nicki said blushing a bit. “I am.”

Against her expectations, Craig positioned himself between her legs. Firmly, he sucked on her clitoris. It did not take her long to climax, with his mouth still covering her button. He alternated between licking softly and sucking hard, until she climaxed again. The position she hung in did not give her any room to move, as yet another climax followed with his lips still tightly sucking her clitoris and his finger deep inside her.

There was a knock at the door. Embarrassment! Shock! Nicki tried to wriggle and close her legs, but only managed to swing slightly in her suspension. She wanted to speak, but Craig had already walked to the door and opened it. A male voice filled the room, and a shiver of shock ran down her spine when she heard her husband’s words.

“She’s ready for you.”


Tie Me Up is available in different online stores, for a special introductory price. You can find it on:

You can also find the book on Goodreads and it would be wonderful of you to leave a review once you have read the book.

It’s amazing to be in a book with some amazing authors, and to be in an anthology edited by Leonora. She’s such a positive and vibrant person and it’s just wonderful to work with her!

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