Strapped In

20150405-004wm collar bit gag
Collared and gagged
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17 thoughts on “Strapped In

  1. What an intriguing view! It makes me want to see what else is going on. I love the way you can see the snugness of the collar against your skin.

  2. I think this is a great shot – partly because of its new perspective but also because I think the nape of the neck is such a vulnerable spot to share. xx Hy

  3. Oh my, Marie, I absolutely adore this! The alternative view says so much, it reveals so much, the viewer doesn’t need to see any more to know, to understand, to feel or imagine what you may be feeling.
    Very, very clever image

    Flip x

  4. She’s right. It does say a lot withorevealing a lot. I should try that sometime

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