Softer Touch

Some weeks ago I posted a photo called ‘Window Shopping‘ and it showed me looking out a window of a hotel we stayed in.

When I saw the prompt for April’s Sinful Sunday, I first checked whether my camera has a ‘soft focus’ setting, and it had, but then I decided: in stead of taking a new picture, I want to use a picture that has been posted before, and apply the soft focus to it, using Photoshop Elements. I was surprised that it’s very easy to apply a soft focus to an existing photo.

(click to enlarge & browse)

The original photo is on the left; soft focus on the right.

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19 thoughts on “Softer Touch

  1. Lovely photo. I like the way the soft focus makes your skin seem to glow, but I like the sharpness of the first image as well. You have such a gorgeous bottom!

  2. I loved this image the first time – as I love pretty much all of your images – and I love it again. The soft focus gives it a warm, inviting feel.

  3. Both are beautiful but the original is my favourite, I get lost in the way your tattoo draws my eye down from your beautiful hair to your gorgeous bottom.

  4. Both images are lovely. In the first I love the feel and the clarity of your beautiful latest tattoo which just “pops” off your body, the second creates a dreamy feel.

    Velvet x

  5. I loved this image the first time around but the soft focus really makes it more delicate and intimate somehow…it’s lovely! Xxx

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