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Men, this is actually a post more for ladies, but read on if you want…

Remember the post I did about waxing, where I have finally had a waxing experience after growing my pubic hair back for a couple of months? I absolutely loved the waxing and I loved the feeling of my skin after it, but I am back to my routine of many years: I shave every morning when I take a shower. Now this post could have ended here, but one commenter on that post asked whether I would do a post on shaving, for those who have never done it before (I have been approached by a reader of my blog to write a post about shaving).

Of course this post is from my own experience, and other ladies who shave might have more or different tips than I have in this post.

I cannot remember how old I was when I started shaving. Probably somewhere in my teens. Or maybe even in my late teens. Apparently to me it wasn’t such a memorable experience, but maybe this was because at first I only shaved my legs and armpits.

I started shaving my pussy in my early twenties. I cannot remember whether when I started shaving every day, but when I did, it left a rash on my skin on the second day, which got even worse on the third. It was unpleasant and itchy, but I wasn’t going to stop shaving, as I liked the smooth feeling too much. I happened to have some baby powder in the house which I used to sooth the itching, and I was amazed at how quickly my skin healed. The rash was gone in less than a day. For the next couple of weeks I shaved daily and once out of the shower, I used baby powder. It worked like a charm! After some weeks I stopped using the baby powder for some days. The rash stayed away. I think by then my skin was used to being shaved daily.

From the day I started shaving my pubic hair, I made sure that I used a good razor. I always use a razor for women, with more than two blades and that special strip at the top that’s supposed to leave your legs soft after a shave. I believe it’s called a conditioning strip. In the beginning I used to use the lather of shower gel to shave with, but not long after I started using regular shaving cream for men. Not gel but cream. I’ve tried the special shaving gel for women, but I didn’t like it. And I don’t like to use the shaving gel for men either. I prefer a dollop of men’s shaving cream – something in the range of 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter.

When I just started shaving I used to sit on the side of the bath with my legs spread wide and I looked down at what I was doing. Nowadays I stand in the shower with my legs spread and just feel with my one hand and follow with the razor. I shave my outer labia from the back to the front (or upward, if that better explains it) and I don’t go as far back/down as the perineum. Once my labia are shaven, I shave off all the hair on my ‘mons pubis’. Again I feel with my fingers of my free hand whether all the hairs are gone. As a finishing touch I spread my labia with the fingers of my free hand and take off the hairs that grow just inside your outer labia. Those are the most difficult to remove, especially if you have a clitoral piercing, I can tell you! And sometimes, when there are some tiny hairs I cannot get hold of with the razor, I just pull them out with a tweezer!

Now, your hair growth doesn’t stop before your perineum. No, it grows there and around your anus too. Go ahead, spread your legs and run your fingers down there and you will feel the hair there. Whenever I shave there (not daily) I squat in the shower and very, very, very (yes VERY) carefully touch the razor around my anus and on my perineum. I never ever move the razor close to my pussy, to make sure that I don’t cause any infection. You can also run the razor away from your pussy, towards your anus, to make really sure no bacteria is spread around, but this is a lot more tricky than it sounds. When you shave your anus for the first time, it’s going to itch like hell, but after a couple of times it doesn’t itch anymore, is my experience.

Always, but always be careful with a new razor. They are sharp as hell and I tell you, it hurts like a motherfucker if you nick your tender bits!

I would love if other ladies join in, either in a post of their own or in the comments below, to tell about their experiences with shaving, or give tips to those who are interested in starting to shave.

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6 thoughts on “S is for Shaving

  1. Wonderfully detailed post Marie . . . and as a (previous) daily shaver, exactly why I changed to a more occasional waxing regime. Because I have to confess I do . . . personally . . . prefer to be smoother downstairs!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I no longer shave myself completely. My Master prefers a little mound of hair and so since I was completely shaved, I had to take some time to grow it all back. Then began to shape it as He wanted. Now, I tend to used veet around the groin areas to create some shape and then shave in the places I have missed. I also, like you, from time to time shave around my anus – very carefully. Great post 🙂

  3. Very good advice.

    I have found over the years that I cannot shave daily at all. My pubic hair is quite soft but there is lots of it and for me I have to leave 3 or 4 days between shaves otherwise I end up with several of the hairs ingrowing which can not only look unsightly but also can be painful. Other than that my methods pretty much match yours!

    Velvet x

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