Pink Pleasure

Many months ago I did a review on the Nomi Tang Better than Chocolate clitoral vibrator. Sometimes when I did reviews, the toys disappear to the background and I don’t use them again, but that’s not the case with this one. It has brought me so much pleasure up to now and I think it will keep on bringing me pleasure for many months, maybe years, to come – depending on how long it lasts. Sometimes, when in bed and waiting for Master T to come to bed, I put this little toy between my legs and just let it buzz away. Not because I want an orgasm (I have no permission after all) but just because I enjoy the feeling. The buzzing against my clitoris brings me to the edge of an orgasm and keeps me there – a thrilling feeling!


20150404-031wm hotel stay masturbation
Sitting on the clitoral vibrator in a hotel room, having orgasm after orgasm while Master T watched me.
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14 thoughts on “Pink Pleasure

  1. I love the way it is sitting nestled up tight against you…. and I love being watched by Sir, that is a massive turn on for me


  2. Wow! Sounds like so much fun! I love the stockings. And the way you are sitting. You’ve inspired a new fantasy for me. I like being watched.

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