P is for Pomegranates

I grew up with pomegranates, but it’s not something I eat a lot nowadays. I am too lazy to clean them, even though I like the taste. And the color!

In this photo Master T used one of the meanest pair of nipple clamps He owns. I actually think the Japanese clover clamps are the meanest, but it might just be because he doesn’t use these pointy ones that frequently. One of the clamps is attached to the pomegranate, but you don’t even see the tiny needles anymore as it has dug right into the fruit.

20150406-040wm AZChallenge1
Which one do you prefer, the pomegranate or the clamp?
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P = Pomegranates


3 thoughts on “P is for Pomegranates

  1. I love pomegranate, but I also love nipple clamps. I’ve never seen clamps like those before. They do look mean, possibly the meanest.


  2. This fruit just screams passion and sex, may be why there are so many stories connected to it. I love how you brought out the vividness and the brightness of only this fruit.

  3. Oh I love pomegranets and that clamp would be perfect for hooking out those delicious seeds!

    Velvet x

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