O is for Oreo

Let’s face it: Oreo’s are the best!

Okay, I know not everyone might like it as much as I do, but I sure know a lot of people who just love the taste of Oreo cookies. Not one single member of my family dislike them, which means that when we buy them, I have to hide some for myself or I won’t get any. When we decided to make photos with Oreo cookies, we once again had to hide it from the kids.

And I am so glad we did!

20150406-009wm AZChallenge1
Master T ate all the cookies after this photo was made!
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O = Oreo


7 thoughts on “O is for Oreo

  1. LOL! We have to hide such delicious things from our children too, they’re very nosy ;-).

  2. This is a lovely picture but I don’t like Oreo’s at all! The smell of them makes me gag. An ex used to work at a factory making plastic colour pellets for manufacturing. The chemical that made the plastic white is the same that gives the Oreo cream it’s smell. He used to come home smelling like that when they were running white.


  3. Oero cookies are delicious on their own but add them to your flesh and they are irresistible!

    Velvet x

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