Master Series Equine Silicone Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps

We are definitely not into pony play, but when we saw this Master Series Equine Silicone Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps, we knew we wanted to test it. We own two ball gags (which I am not fond off, but of course, as you might have guessed I have no say in the matter) but Master T was interested in having something different. So we asked to test this bit gag in exchange for an honest review.

Before I tell you about my experience with this toy, let me tell you more about the product itself.

Packaging & Contents
The bit gag with alligator style nipple clamps came in a box with clear plastic, through which you could see the gag, the strap on the gag and the adjustable nipple clamps. The brand ‘Master Series’ is printed on the front of the box and the contents at the bottom. The back of the box contains a description of the contents and the way to use it.

Shape ‘n Size & Material
The bit gag is made of body safe silicone material. It’s non-porous and it can be washed with hot soapy water between uses. The strap is made of poly synthetic leather. The rolling buckle at the back of the strap can be locked in place with a padlock if you want, but personally I don’t see the benefit of this. The nipple clamps are vinyl coated and has screws that can be used to adjust the level of pain they cause. The O-rings between the strap and the bit gag can be used to attach rope for more fun, or reigns if you are into pony play.

The bit gag is 2 centimeter in diameter and about 12 centimeters long. The entire product is adjustable from 40 to 60 centimeters.

How does it work?
Put the bit in the mouth of the sub, or the ‘pony’ and fasten the strap tightly behind the neck. Make sure it’s not too tight, but tight enough for the subject not to push it out of its mouth. You can use the bit alone, but it’s much more fun to attach the adjustable clamps to the nipples. Even when the subject looks straight ahead, the nipples are pulled upward, as the chains attached to them are not long. You can pull the subject’s head backwards for extra effect.

My experience with the product
When I saw the gag in the box I was afraid that I might not like the taste of the bit in my mouth, but I was wrong. Since this is made of silicone, there is absolutely no taste to the smooth material. Master T tightened the strap behind my neck and for a moment I thought it was too much, as the bit pressed hard against the corners of my mouth. It hurt a bit, but once I relaxed my mouth (for as far as this is possible) it was okay. Master T attached the clamps to my nipples. I kept my head down, relaxing the chains between the bit and the clamps, but Master T put his finger below my chin and raised my face. I felt the chain tightening and the clamps pulling on my nipples. It hurt and it hurt even more when He pushed His fingers in my hair and pulled my head back. I started drooling after a couple of minutes and had to concentrate to either let it drip out of my mouth (which I don’t like) or to swallow (which was very difficult). I think some of the saliva dripped on the floor, but since Master T stated using other implements on me, I didn’t really notice. I was amazed when He took the clamps and bit off again and told me that almost half an hour had passed. It felt like only about ten minutes. Does this mean the bit is comfortable? Not at all, but it does give another dimension to all those other things that happened.

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My opinion of the product
You will never hear me say that I am fond of gags, but I will be the first to admit that it does add something to a scene. I don’t know which of the two silicone gags we have I like better, but I both might be use in equal measures. This bit gag will find a permanent place in Master T’s toy bag, and not only because He says so.

Where to buy?
The Master Series Equine Bit Gag with Nipple Clamps can be bought from Überkinky for 25 British Pounds.

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