I is for Ivy

We have a garden with a hedge of about 40 meters and some years ago, ivy started to grow under the hedge. Now, in my opinion, you either love ivy or you don’t. I’m scared of ivy growing against a wall, simply because I think of all the spiders hiding behind those leaves. And, I don’t like the way ivy takes over. That’s what happening in our hedge. We are constantly pulling it from under the hedge, trying to get rid of it, but it just grows back – almost faster than we can remove it.

And now it seems ivy has found it’s way inside too…!

20150406-019wm AZChallenge1
Ivy found it’s way into my boot
(click to enlarge)


PS: If anyone has a tip to really get rid of ivy…?

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I = Ivy


2 thoughts on “I is for Ivy

  1. I have ivy in my back garden, and I’m not going anywhere bloody near it, because of the spiders I just know are in there *nods*

    Scary beasties, those arachnids!

    I do like the ivy climbing up your boot though, it reminds me of a fantasy art piece from a few years ago of a fairy with ivy entwined around her 🙂

    Flip x

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