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Since we have already done the ‘G’ for food, I have decided to move away from food photos for one day and do something else. It’s about time I do another update of my 101 list! Coming to think of it, my current goals list runs out on 11 October 2015 and I already know that there are some goals I will not reach and others I am halfway through with and which I might move over to a new list. Because yes, I am considering doing a new list, because this keeps me focused on goals I would otherwise have forgotten about.

Now you could ask: if this keeps me focused, why didn’t I reach all the goals?

Time is a huge factor in reaching goals and I have misjudged some of them, on how much time they would take. With others I have just started to late, knowing how much time it would take, but not starting on time. Then again, with others, life ran it’s course and I know there will not be enough time to complete those goals before time ran out.

Looking back on the goals I have set, some of them might have been unrealistic. Some of them are realistic, but the time factor came into play too, as I didn’t start on time.

Not a thing anymore
I have some goals on there that’s just not a thing anymore. One of those is wearing a quarter cup bra. I used to love wearing them, but have sort of ‘outgrown’ them. Nooooo, not physically, but otherwise. They are just not a thing anymore.

I will try to keep the above in mind when I make a new goal list, but since none of us can look into the future, some of the same mistakes might be made again.

Even though some goals will have to be put on status ‘failed’, there are enough goals that I have managed to complete, or at least start.

Creative writing prompts
This goal was about writing stories to 20 creative writing prompts from a specific website. I have completed this, and many others joined me in writing stories for the same prompts, as I used all of these prompts as Wicked Wednesday prompts too.

Photo manipulations
In the last two years I have learned to work with Photoshop (Photoshop Elements to be precise). This is something I have always avoided in the past, thinking I would never be able to learn it. I did, to the extend in which I ‘need’ it. Learning is an ongoing thing, but I must admit that Photoshop Elements 13 makes it very easy to manipulate photos, as it has quite a lot of automatic functions. I like to manipulate some photos, but I have also noticed that I mainly prefer to post a photo as it has come off the camera.

Playdates and sex with a woman
With the last playdate we had in February 2015, I have completed both goals number 40 and number 43. I might do some posts on this playdate, but then again, I might not. The jury is still out on that one. And… I have my eyes on someone else, and a little birdie told me she has her eyes on me too!

Goal 68 is about being a speaker about writing/blogging at least once. This will happen on 17 October 2015 at a Dutch blogging/writing conference. The conference takes place only 6 days after this goals list close, but still I am going to claim this goal as done when I close the list on 11 October 2015.
EroScripta is similar to Eroticon, but all in Dutch so only accessible for Dutch speaking people. Please note: EroScripta is NOT my initiative, but that of the beautifully talented Liza Daen, who I got to know through my writing group.

This is one goal that I thought would be easy to complete, but I didn’t take life into account. On both our side and that of my best friend, life was hectic at times with illnesses and more, and we just didn’t get to the sauna as many times as we did when this goal was put on the list. I already know that I won’t complete this goal, but we have been to the sauna again and have an appointment to go again early in May. One more sauna day might be possible before 11 October 2015, which leaves me two short from completing this successfully.

Business cards
This is another goal I thought would be easy to complete, but up to now I have left only 10 of the intended 50 cards in public places. I know, I could have just left 50 cards at one place, and this goal would have been done, but there’s no fun in that. We get to quite a lot of public places, but I forget about the cards – which I always have with me. Maybe I will remember about them in the next couple of months and be able to tick this goal off as completed after all.

The last time we’ve been to the casino was in May 2014 and the time before that was in 2012. Why I put this as a goal on here, I cannot remember. Every time we go to the casino we tell each other we should go there more, as it’s a nice night out. We never gamble with huge amounts, but just have fun playing the 1 cent game machines. However, I think we are just more into having a nice dinner somewhere than sitting at those machines.

Back at Eroticon 2013 there was a reported for one of the local papers who wanted to interview some of the delegates, but you had to be willing to show your face. I was not, but I really wanted to be interviewed as Marie Rebelle at least once. I didn’t think that it would happen, but then totally unexpectedly I was able to tick this one off! Molly asked me if she could interview me for her KissCast and of course I said yes!

Goal 82 was to get a professional pussy waxing, and I did. When I fell in September 2014 and hurt my foot bad enough to walk with crutches for 9 weeks, I stopped shaving. First of all because I couldn’t stand properly and secondly because Master T said I could only shave again when He said so. When at last I was allowed to shave again, I went for a professional pussy waxing.

Wicked Wednesday
I have a goal of reaching 50 participants for at least one week. The highest number was 47 and I sure hope one day I will reach the magic 50.

Another numbers goal is to reach 3456 followers on Twitter. The highest number up to now was 2746 which means I have to get at least 710 more followers to reach this goal. Will this happen before 11 October 2015? I sure hope so!

That’s the update for this time. I suspect that my next update will be about those goals I know I won’t reach. And in the meantime I will start working on a new list!

Will you join me?

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6 thoughts on “G is for Goals

  1. I also like photos as they come off of the camera, rather than edited, though like you, I am also learning photoshop.
    I really like the variety of your goals, and well as your overall attitude towards reaching them.

  2. As my health has got worse, so I’ve had to adjust both my goal, and expectations for myself. Some days just getting up and getting dressed is an achievement!
    But when I am able, I like to push myself, and doing the A to Z Challenge is living up to it’s name!

    I have places I want to go, events I want to go to with Sir, you know, little things which make the difference

    Flip x

  3. I have been very lax with my list and my updates. I looked at my drafts folder yesterday and there were three updates that I never finished and posted. Sometimes life gets in the way (I do have a 4 year old after all!), and like you said, some things just aren’t “things” anymore.


  4. Wow, that is quite a long list of goals Marie . . . some of which I know would always be beyond me (public speaking would frighten me to death!) . . . but I look forward to checking back to see where, and what, you get up to.
    Xxx – K

  5. I shall have to start one of these lists methinks! Great update!

    Velvet x

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