D is for donuts

Donuts… those sweet things with the hole in the middle, some of them glazed in bright colors, others covered with a thin layer of powdered sugar.


This is not the donuts I grew up with.

Back when we lived down south, I used to walk down to the city to the German bakery to buy donuts. It looked like a bun covered in sugar and when you bit in it, you tasted the red jam it was filled with. That’s the donuts I grew up with and that was engraved in my memory. Whenever we bought donuts – yes the glazed ones with the holes – I thought about those jam-filled ones, but they were nowhere to be found. Not that I really looked for them, because I thought they might just have been something native to the country we lived in back then.

Then came this photo challenge. We have decided that ‘D’ is for ‘donuts’ so set out to buy some. And that’s when I saw them! Jam-filled donuts! There they were, right in front of my eyes. Of course I had to buy them too. All this time I didn’t know they were called ‘Berliners’!

This made me wonder whether I remembered things wrongly, so I googled ‘donuts Namibia’ when we got home and there it was. Actually, those things are called ‘Pfannkuchen’. Read this:

Where to find them: We’re cheating a little here, in that Pfannkuchen are essentially just jelly-filled, sugar-dusted donuts. They differ from a typical donut in the fact that Berlin treats them as a pastry, and so typical are they of the city that other countries simply refer to them as “Berliners.” This is how President John F Kennedy came to be known for calling himself a donut, when he declared, “Ich bin ein Berliner,” when he should have said “Ich bin Berliner.”
(Source: 17 Donut Alternatives Worth Traveling Around the World For)

All this time ‘Berliners’ (or ‘Berliner balls’ as they are called here) were right within reach.

We could have used the Berliners for photos, but first of all I wanted to keep those to eat and secondly, we really wanted to use one of the brightly glazed donuts for the photos.


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The first photo shows the color version (exactly as it came off the camera) and the second photo is a color splash, where there’s some splashes of color in my hair too, as well as in the reflection of the pink in my earring. The last photo was just so beautiful, I had to share it!


20150402-012wm azblogging donut
So many colors together!
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D = Donuts