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Books… I have so many books I still want to read and it seems they are only getting more and more. All of them are erotic books, as nowadays I barely read anything else. Because yes, I read, but mostly I read on my Kindle app when I’m in bed at night and the books stay in the bookcase. But, yesterday I stood at I bookcase and I took out all the books I still want to read and carried them up to our bedroom. I positioned them… looked at them… changed the order… looked at them again.

20150401-001wm azblogging books
A pile of erotic books that I still want to read…
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Yep, there are English and Dutch books in the pile, fiction and non-fiction books. I want to reach every word in all of them, and I will. One day soon…

… but for now, I’m just sitting on it.


20150401-003wm azblogging books
Sitting on it…
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You know, looking through the pile of books, with almost all of them I have something to say. There’s 50 Shades of Kink, of which I wrote a review. Sudden Sex, Twisted and Down and Dirty are all books I won in competitions and all of them were edited by the talented Alison Tyler. I’ve also won the book at the bottom, a Dutch bdsm trilogy written after Fifty Shades appeared. All three books are in this Floor Omnibus where Floor is the name of the main female character in the books. I really won this book by accident, retweeting someone else’s retweet. See the book Lustkronieken (directly translated: Lust Chronicles) – this Dutch book is by Liza Daen, a beautiful and sexy and lovely woman who has become a dear friend in a very short time. Last, but certainly not least, is The Big book of Submission, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and in which I have been published too.

20150401-006wm azblogging books
I had to balance carefully while reading the titles of the books – upside down!
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Yes, this is quite a mix of books and I certainly will get to reading all of them… one day!

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5 thoughts on “B is for books

  1. Such fun pics! I so empathize- all those books and no way to read them all 😀

  2. My mom had a whole room in our old house devoted to her romance books. I used to think it was strange back then, but it seems to be an extremely popular genre huh?

    I might have my sister stop by your blog sometime. She writes erotica, and I have a feeling she would share many of the same feelings you have!

  3. I’m a big book person as well, with a case of books still to get to. I have piles of them all over the place. And now you’ve shown me more I want to read! Do they come with the sexy body to keep them all nicely piled up? 😉


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