The Five Senses

 The Sinful Sunday prompt for March is senses.

There are five different senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch.

I’m sure you can find most of the senses in the photo below, even if some of them are only in your imagination.

… the sight of the dried blood on my bottom, but also the red rope tying my wrist and ankle together…

… thinking about the sound when the vampire paddle touched my bottom to leave those marks…

… my hand in the photo is all about touching

… thinking of the taste of blood… and the metallic smell it has….

… the smell and taste of my arousal…

… the sound of my breathing…

20150131-076wm make out box restraints
Testing new toys, such as the vampire paddle
(click to enlarge)

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17 thoughts on “The Five Senses

  1. I read your review of the kit that the rope came from and while you seemed pretty ambivalent I think you’d agree that the colour of the rope looks lovely against your skin.

    C xx

  2. The image is stunning the colours are so vibrant.

    Blood is not my thing to experience (bad past experience with knife involvement) so is a hard limit along with knives for me but this image is wonderful in it’s own right.

    Velvet x

  3. Ahhhhhhhh Reb, you do it to me every time.

    There is ALWAYS something about your pictures that simply make me go

    “oh…..drool” and then be incapable of translating anything into anything other than that.

    Thank you once again for my classy Sunday drool.

    Mwahhhh xxxx

  4. That image conveys all of those things Marie, and whilst I’m not a fan of blood as such, I;m intrigued by both the Vampire Gloves & the paddle. This image makes me want to experience them both.

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