The Erection by Jack Barratt

TheErectionWhen I was approached to review this book, I was in doubt for a bit, because with such a title and the book obviously written by a man, I thought this book might be all about penis worship. How wrong I was!

The book
I received the book in PDF format and read it on my Kindl app on my phone. That’s the way I mostly read in bed nowadays. The book has 203 pages, which includes the title page, the copyright page, a personal word by the author, other titles by the author and more information about the author. This makes the actual book 198 pages long divided into several chapters with titles, no chapter numbers. The cover of the book shows half a face in black and white and the title to the right, written from top to bottom. The way the title is printed can definitely be symbol to an erection, which might have been the intention

The author
Jack Barratt was born in the UK and have traveled and worked around the world, managing projects on different continents. He studied martial arts, hypnotherapy and can read tarot cards. I could not find much information about the author on Internet, but he has a Facebook page and is on Twitter.

Another book by this author is The Love Machine and is the follow-up of The Erection.

The main characters
Leigh is the main character in the book, the one who organizes everything around the erection, or Hugh as they call him, the other main character of the book.
Karen and Sue are nurses too, working at the same hospital as Leigh and they play big parts in the book too. About halfway through the book Shola is introduced as an important character too.

The story
A man ends up in hospital after being gravely injured. No one knows who he is, but he quickly becomes quite famous in the hospital. Not for his injuries, but for the fact that he has a permanent erection. Leigh doesn’t work on the ward he lies in, but she goes to visit him anyway and found herself attracted to him… or his erection. She comes up with an idea and one night she fucks him, and she becomes pregnant. More ideas from in her head and before long, this man – whom they had named Hugh – is used by many other women, under Leigh’s orchestration.

My opinion
The book was much more than what I gave it credit for when I saw the title. In a way it’s hilarious, because of the way Hugh is used, but there are real life issues going on in the book too, which makes it all that much more believable. The author has done a good job of showing how far people would go to get something they really want, up to the point of doing something like fucking someone who is in a coma. There are some unexpected twists and turns in the book, that makes you want to read on. I certainly enjoyed reading it!


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