Supreme Ruler

20150131-078wm make out box ruler
I simply love this image!
(Showing the spanking ruler from the Make Out Box(click to enlarge)

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18 thoughts on “Supreme Ruler

  1. What a clever idea for a photo. I also had ruler cracked against my knuckles more than I care to remember. However may be because of that is the reason why I love the sound it makes against the skin. You’re beautiful as always.

  2. I remember the sting of a wooden ruler on the hands and arms at school to this day, I always thought the teachers got a perverse pleasure out of using them! My ruler now is very very flexible, packs a good punch. Luckily so do I lol.

  3. Oh . . . at the first glance I thought it was to do with the “measure” of your arousal. Lol!!!
    I don’t have a ruler . . . but now you have me thinking!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Rules are awesome! I saw one ages ago that I wish I’d bought – it was the old wooden style and had “teach me a lesson” inscribed on the body. Beautiful shot – and a beautiful breast, too. Jane xxx

  5. I have this image of Master T just tapping the underside of your boob as if he is telling you sit up straight and present yourself properly…. or maybe that is just my heated imagination


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