Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think by R. Leigh

SquirtingBookI have been approached by R. Leigh with the question whether I would be willing to review her book called Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think. The subtitle of this book is: A holistic guide to female pleasure with easy tips to achieve female ejaculation.

Since I am a squirter, I was interested to read this and see what it said.

The author
The only information I could find online about the author is this:

R. Leigh writes books which share her most intimate experiences in order to help other women (and often men) learn to accept they are worthy of love, pleasure and happiness. Find out more about her at www.AuthorRLeigh.com. Follow her on on Facebook: facebook.com/AuthorRLeigh, and on Twitter, @AuthorRLeigh.


As far as I could find, this book is the first R. Leigh has written.

The book
I have been sent this book in PDF format. The total length of the document is 27 pages, including the title page, copyright page, acknowledgments and foreword.

The one thing I absolutely love about this piece of writing, is the holistic approach. The fact that the author doesn’t only concentrate on stimulation ‘down there’ to get the job done, but that she makes a point of mentioning the rest of the body, with special references to the mind.

But, I do not agree with everything in the book. The very first place where I put a question mark was right after the foreword. A small piece called ‘Peaceful Water‘. The author ends this short paragraph with “It’s no wonder a release of “water” from my body could provide immense sexual pleasure.
I cannot relate to this at all. I can definitely release huge amounts of ‘water’ from my body, but I can tell you that I would never feel peace when I am close to huge amounts of water, such as the ocean or a river. It freaks me out!

In another part of the book, under the heading ‘A Few Things You Should Know‘ the author says that squirting is one of the most intense, pleasurable orgasms you’ll ever experience. I beg to differ. Even though I squirt, and I can squirt a lot, they are not my most pleasurable of orgasms. However, they do help me to work up to the point where I can have one of my BIG orgasms. Squirting is not required for me to have a big orgasm though. Another place where I do not agree with the author is found under the heading ‘What Does It Feel Like?‘. The author says that a squirting orgasm extends throughout the body, but mine are definitely centralized. Only my BIG orgasms (which is always achieved with mainly clitoral stimulation, or clitoral stimulation combined with anal stimulation) extends throughout my body.

Another thing: “When a woman has an orgasm without ejaculation it feels incomplete, but until she experiences ejaculation she will not understand because it’s all she’s ever known.
I totally disagree. I do not have to ejaculate to feel satisfied after an orgasm. And who says a woman who has never ejaculated (and might never ever be able to) cannot have a fulfilling sex life, in other words: feel incomplete?

There are ten tips in the book, of which some are valuable, such as to rehydrate after squirting, to relax, to have g-spot stimulation and not to fight the feeling when you want to squirt. Tip 9 is to listen for a wet, squishy noise and that soon after you hear this sound, you will squirt. I find this a strange tip, as when you are totally into it, you definitely will not notice this sound, but only notice the pressure in your body. And, if I have squirted once, I constantly hear that wet, squishy sound even if I don’t feel the pressure of a next orgasm.

Tip 10 starts with ‘try what works for you‘ and I think this is what I missed in the entire book. There are too many generalizations in the book, as if every woman is able to squirt. Unfortunately this is not true. I even know of woman who have immense difficulty to achieve even ONE orgasm, let alone a couple after each other or anything that nearly resembles squirting.

My opinion
This is not a bad piece of writing to have out there. If only it settles women’s minds that there is nothing filthy about squirting, then in my opinion the goal has been reached.
I would just have liked to see more depth in this book. The things said in this book has potential, but all through the book to the end I was waiting for something new, something that would really help woman in a practical way to reach a squirting orgasm. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that in this booklet.


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