Sexy fun in the hotel room

Hi again hotties!

Remember last time I told you how they went out for dinner and how she had me on the table during dinner. Remember I told you that they had fun before and after dinner? I promised to tell you the story.

Before dinner Rebel’s master was not happy with her not immediately undressing when they entered the bedroom. You see, this is one of her standing orders and she constantly forgets it. Once she was naked, he bent her over a conveniently placed dresser. It was the perfect height for Rebel to rest her hips and expose her ass and pussy to her master. He made good use of that. Very good use, I must say. That man used a vampire paddle on her ass, the one they bought on the day they took me to the sex shop.

20141116-015wm Skelly vampire paddle
See, here I am, holding the paddle Rebel’s master bought at the sex shop
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He alternated it with the flogger they bought that same day. At times Rebel danced around on her toes when the steely pointy things touched her ass. It took a while before I saw the first spot of blood appear on her white flesh.

20141129-014wm Skelly ass
I just had to inspect those spots of blood closer. Looks good, ‘ey?
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Once her master was satisfied, he told Rebel to lie down on the dresser. As I said, it was the perfect height. I watched as he started to finger her. He pushed his fingers inside her cunt and then rubbed the fluids that had gathered on his fingers over her clitoris. Over and over I heard her ask for permission to climax. She soon started squirting. Over and over again. He spurred her on, ordering her to have yet another orgasm. Her fluids started dripping from the dresser onto the carpet, running through her fingers where she was clutching the side of the dresser as each orgasm ripped through her body. Fluids spread out on the dresser, under her buttocks, her back and up to her shoulders. Her master stopped just before those fluids reached her hair. Rebel took a shower before she got dressed and was ready to go downstairs for dinner.

20141129-015wm pussy squirting
I told you that woman can squirt! This was only the beginning!
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After dinner, even though she was stuffed, Rebel was not in the mood to sleep just yet. She grabbed her Doxy massager and sat down on the couch, her legs spread. She held that buzzing toy against her clit and soon she was begging her master to climax. But, Rebel was horny and she wanted more. She got on her knees and rubbed her clitoris and labia against the head of the Doxy. More orgasms followed. Watching her round ass move as she pleasured herself didn’t leave me unmoved. I shifted around a bit, watching her and even hung onto the Doxy while I watched as she lowered herself over her husband’s cock. Both of them climaxed before Rebel sat down on the couch again, yawning.

20141129-044wm Skelly Doxy
I was ready with the Doxy, to get her to another orgasm…
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Suddenly she was tired. I watched with my mouth open as she went to bed, leaving me there with my boner. What about me, I wanted to scream, until I saw the images on the television screen.

20141129-048wm Skelly TV porn
I wanted to get into the screen and touch her! If only…
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Sex. All kinds of sex! Big women, small women. Old women, young women. Big tits, small tits. Damn, there was so much to see. I rushed to the television screen, watching those images and fantasizing about all those sexy women! Wow! Just wow!

Wait, I think I will go do some more fantasizing.

Until next time, lovers!

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