Pulling Strings

Her medium-sized firm breasts and proud nipples, her not so flat tummy, her symmetrically-shaped hips… her naked body invites me to touch it. I wrap myself around her, feeling her back pressing against me. Her erect nipples touch me and disappear into the flesh of her breast as I tighten my grip around her. Bit by bit I invade more of her, pushing her breasts up, flattening her stomach, enhancing her waist. She sighs and smiles as she watches us in the mirror. I give her the perfect hourglass figure…

201303-045wm Eroticon 2013
The last time I wore my underbust corset: Eroticon 2013, London

I have written about corsets before and have posted photos of me in both my white and black corsets. When attending Eroticon 2013 I wore those corsets and also my under-bust corset, and that was the last time I wore any corset. Why? Because the black and white corsets hurt my under my arms after wearing them for some time. Because the under-bust corset made me feel as if my hips were huge (I know they weren’t, that it was just a stupid feeling on my side). Because I don’t have the patience to wear my corsets frequently and make them form to my body so they are more comfortable. Because it’s such a drag to tighten them by myself. And because I totally forget that I have them, so I never think about wearing them.

Would I want to wear them again, and more?
Yes, I would. I’d absolutely love to wear my corsets again, both the over- and under-bust versions I have. The over-bust versions were quite cheap and I almost certainly know that they are plastic boned fashion corsets, but they feel gorgeous when I feel them around my body. I love the feeling of tightness around me. It gives me the same kind of feeling I get when I feel a rope harness tied around me. A feeling of comfort. A feeling of security. Yes, I like the look too, most of the time (I still have the issue with my hips) but I like the feeling it gives me much more. Thinking of it, I cannot be tied in rope as much as I want to, but I can wear my corsets more and have the same feeling. I should definitely get back to wearing my corsets more frequently, which brings me to another issue…

… what to wear with my corsets. With over-bust corsets it’s easy, since I can wear those with skirts, stockings and high heels. Add a nice jacket to it and the picture is complete, right? But, as said, the over-bust corsets hurt me under my arms after wearing them for some hours. Probably because I don’t sit up straight all the time. What I would actually like is to have a couple of dresses that are ‘suitable’ to wear with a under-bust corset. The dresses I have are definitely not suitable for that.

I asked Master T what He thinks about me in a corset. He likes it. He likes the look of it, the way it makes me look. He doesn’t have a preference for either over- or under-bust corsets, as both are beautiful and sexy. Master T has no problem at all with pulling strings… the strings of the corsets in this case, to tighten them around me.

I guess this means I have a new mission… find ‘suitable’ dresses and start wearing my corsets again. Yes, the over-bust too! Which instantly reminds me… I don’t have to find dresses to wear the over-bust corsets. I should just start wearing them again!

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One thought on “Pulling Strings

  1. I find my over bust one awkward to wear, it digs in under my arms if I sit down and driving whilst wearing it is completely out of the question. The under bust is more comfortable but I haven’t got an outfit to wear it with. I think that means another shopping trip is needed 😉

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