Nothing Really Matters

When she’s ok
Then I’m alright
When she’s awake
I’m up all night
And nothing really matters
Nothing really matters
I see her face
And in my mind
I seize the day
Whenever she’s nearby
It’s like nothing really matters, no
Nothing really matters

These lyrics are so beautiful and the song is so beautiful. Really one of my favorites at this moment. I am a sucker for beautiful ballads and for songs with loving words. Somehow my mind always twist those words to find a deeper meaning in them.

Just look at those words. I am a loved woman. I know Master T loves me and His loves makes me complete. I notice His love in little things, but also in every day things. I think many of us forget to stop and see what we actually have, how lucky and happy we actually are. We tend to take things for granted. We don’t really see things anymore. We forget to be thankful.

I look back at the last 13 years, from the moment I have met Master T and how our relationship has developed from chatting to meeting to a long distance relationship to living together to getting married to a D/s relationship and to still being in love every day since we started talking to each other. I cannot imagine my life without Him. The mere thought of that sends my mind into a blind panic. We are Husband and wife as well as Dominant and sub, but we are also each other’s best friend; we are soul mates. We literally finish each other’s sentences, or when one of us have an idea the other says it out loud. When we choose something new for the kitchen or the sitting room, independent from each other we choose the same. We have been made for each other and the only thing we might regret is the fact that we haven’t met each other when we were much younger. But we both knew that if we had, we might not have appreciated each other the way we do now.

20150131-098wm hotel hallway pussy breasts old photo
Posing for Master T, holding open the door to our hotel room
(click to enlarge)

This week is Master T’s 50th birthday and where neither of us find birthdays important (anymore), I think this is a wonderful milestone to reach. We’re not doing anything special for it, but just enjoying our time together, like we always do. Oh, and of course there will be a birthday fuck too!
I appreciate every day I get to spend with Him, appreciate His love and the way He accepts me just the way I am, the way He keeps on telling me I am sexy and hot and that He loves me.

I look at the last lines of the lyrics I posted above and in my mind I change one word:

Whenever He’s nearby
It’s like nothing really matters, no
Nothing really matters

He IS the love of my life and with Him in my life, with Him nearby, I’m at my happiest and nothing else really matters!

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7 thoughts on “Nothing Really Matters

  1. I am so behind on my commenting. I am sorry to be late to this one. A belated Happy Birthday to Master T. This is a beautiful post and the sentiment of it, well it feel very familiar to me *grins


  2. Wonderful to read . . . and so lovely that your “Nothing Really Matters” prompt has brought out such lovely emotions and lovely sharing across several of this week’s posts.
    Xxx – K

  3. So genuine and happy! I am thankful for my husband and write him little notes on post-its all the time. He does little things constantly to tell me he loves me, not to mention actually saying the words. You’re right, many of us take our loved ones for granted and forget to be thankful. It’s amazing when it truly works out and you are with someone you can’t bear to be without.

  4. A lovely post, and a really nice birthday present for Master T too – Indeed, nothing else really matters!

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