Male bonding

Hellooooo sexy people!

Remember I told you that one night while we were out for dinner, I had a sip of the whisky that Rebel’s master was drinking? I told you back then, the dude was not happy. I’m thankful he didn’t push my head in a glass full of some sticky fluid.

But you know, that incident made me think. I needed to make an effort to get to know the T-dude better. So when we got back home – yes, I now call their home my home too, since Rebel had even created a special bed for me. A wooden box with sheets and a pillow inside. Oh darn, I am digressing again. Wait, where was I. Ah, when we got back home, Rebel left me downstairs for a while. The two of them were just relaxing on the couch. I looked around in the room and then I saw it.


That’s one thing this dude likes. He has several collectors items displayed in a huge bookcase. Since both of them were busy, I quietly sneaked out of my wooden box and wandered between the bottles and boxes, trying to memorize the names so one day I could try and have a proper conversation with the dude and dazzle him with my knowledge. I was on my way back to my wooden box, still repeating the names of the different bottles of whisky in my head when I saw another brand: Jack Daniels. A beautiful tin box. I just had to see what’s inside. I found a bottle of Jack Daniels and two glasses and could not decide what I liked more – the inside or the outside of the box.

20141130-009wm Skelly whisky
Just look at this! Special, ‘ey?


Unfortunately I moved around too much. Or maybe – in hindsight – fortunately I moved around too much. The T-dude saw me. It took a while for me to feel his eyes on me. When I looked at him he beckoned for me to come closer. I hopped over onto the table and warily moved closer to him. He put a glass with whisky down in front of me and raised his own glass in a toast. I was surprised. I took a sip from the glass, allowing the liquid to burn through my bones. There was some male bonding going on here, having a sip of the dude’s whisky. Just browse the photos and you can see for yourself!

(click to enlarge and browse)

To top it all, he offered me a cigarette, which tasted damn good, I can tell you that! It was then that I knew things were good between us. No more hard feelings. No more pushing my head into a glass. We were good!

And to make it even better, that evening he allowed me to… no, wait, that’s a story for the next time!

Stay safe and sexy, everyone!

20141220 SkellySignature





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One thought on “Male bonding

  1. Skelly was lucky – not sure if he would have been so ‘bonded’ if he taken an illicit sip of my own favourite malt! 🙂

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