Make Out Box

I have been approached to write a review about the Make Out Box and have agreed to do so.

Packaging & Contents
The box arrived in a padded envelop inside a courier bag. My first impression was one of disappointment as the white outer box was damaged and half open. I think it would have been better if the box was shipped in a stronger outer box in stead of a padded envelope.

The Make Out Box I received contained the following items:

  • 1 black satin tie
  • 50ml massage oil
  • arousal gels
  • 1 roll of red bondage tape
  • set of erotic dice
  • a pink bullet vibrator
  • bright red silk rope cuffs
  • condoms
  • spanking ruler

This is an array of items with which a couple can have an evening of fun. We took the items with us to a hotel. First of all I have to say that we have not tested the following items:

  • massage oil: we are not into massaging each other. I love receiving massages but not giving them, and Master T is not into giving them either.
  • arousal gels: I do not put any kinds of fluids on my pussy, as I get infections to easily, so I avoid this at all cost, even if the gels might be perfectly safe.
  • condoms: we just don’t use them.

We tested the other items.

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Satin tie
We tried this to tie my hands behind my back, and as a blindfold. As a blindfold it doesn’t work as it cannot be tied tight enough. The slippery material allowed the blindfold to slip down over my eyes. It worked better as a tie for my wrists, even though it gave some room for me to wiggle my hands and loosen the grip of the fabric.

Bondage tape
We knew the bondage tape would be good, as we have tested it for another company in the past. And yes, it was good. I am amazed at the different uses for the bondage tape – as blindfold, as cuffs, but also to bind around the breasts or tying hands to legs. The possibilities are endless!

Erotic dice
Using the erotic dice makes for fun and laughter. Kiss-nipple-sofa or lick-pussy-garage are just two of the possibilities that these dice can provide. I think this can easily be played between two couples too.

Bullet vibrator
The bullet vibrator takes one AAA battery. It has 7 functions with the push of a button, of which 3 are constant vibrating speeds and 4 are pulsating speeds. It comes packed in a reusable plastic tube. The vibrator is nice to use to get me excited, but the vibrations are not strong enough to bring me to orgasm. However, this doesn’t mean that the vibrator is not good. It’s great to use in combination with having her tied down with either the satin tie, bondage tape or the silk rope cuffs and then tease her clit with the vibrations.

Silk rope cuffs
The silk rope cuffs were a bit of a disappointment, as it allows for a lot of room between wrists or ankles, or even between ankle and wrist. Master T tied my hands with it, but also tied my ankle and wrist together, but I still could move almost without problem. I prefer to be tightly bound and not able to move, but I can see where these silk rope cuffs can be a nice addition to some light kinky play in the bedroom.

Spanking ruler
To us this was the best item in the box! Brilliant design, or lack of design, however you want to see it. And damn, that thing hurts! It instantly made me think of my school days, where I was punished with a similar ruler. Only thing is that now the spanking ruler is sexy as it touches either my bottom or my breasts, and not my hand like it did back in my school days. I think of all the items in the box, the spanking ruler will remain a permanent item of Master T’s toy box.

My opinion of the product
All in all the box I have been sent – which cannot be ordered with exactly the same items – has been fun to test. The items are definitely nice for couples who are looking for a way to spice up their sex lives a bit.

Where to buy?
You can buy several gift boxes from the site of Make Out Box or purchase individual items.

Thanks to the people of Make Out Box for sending me the items to test!

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