Just Prey: Savannah – Book One by C.P. McClennan

SavannahJustPreyChris approached me with the question whether I would read and review this first book in what I believe will become a series of Savannah books and of course I agreed. How could I not. From the moment I have started to read Savannah when it was linked for Wicked Wednesday, I loved her; I loved the story. I was sad when it stopped, only later to learn that it would be published. I have always known that one day C.P. McClennan would be a published author! Am I a fan? You bet I am!

The book
The cover of the book shows the face of a woman with bright red lips and red eyes, although you can see only one of her eyes. The other is hiding behind her hair. The cover is mainly in grey tones, except for the mentioned color splashes and the reddish color splash in the background that, to me, symbolizes a planet and the sun. If I had not known more about the story before I received this book to review, the cover would have made me turn the book over to read the back cover or would have made me found the blurb of this story to see if I would be interested in reading it.

The blurb is:

An alien succubus comes to Earth in preparations of invasion. Savannah is a ruthless Emmi warrior that researched all aspects of her mission. She had done this before and done this well on other planets. Like all the others she had dealt with before, humans would be just prey. At least that was the plan until Gerald, a trucker in the middle of his route, does something completely unanticipated with an act of kindness that changes everything.


The author
I’ve had the privilege to meet C.P. McClennan and his lovely wife at Eroticon 2014. I’ve been a fan of his writing from long before that, as I followed and am still following his blog ‘Stranded in Toronto’ (http://www.strandedintoronto.com/).

You can also follow C.P. McClennan on Twitter (http://twitter.com/stranded_in_to), on his author page on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/by-C.P.-McClennan/e/B00SIBBH28) or follow his author page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-CP-McClennan/801104969951355?fref=ts).

The main characters
Savannah – an Emmi warrior from Kettelgian Five and sent to earth on a mission to prepare for eviction;
Gerald – an Earthly truck driver who is unexpectedly kind to Savannah (unexpected to Savannah, that is);
Nigel & Sheila – a couple whom Savannah has met at a swinging club;
Graven and Evan – two male aliens from Kettelgian Five, the latter is also called the green-eyes man

The story
Normally in my book reviews I would give a brief description of the story, but this time I am not going to say anything else about the story here, than has been mentioned in the blurb above.

My opinion
This book is all I expected it to be, and more. As said in the introduction, I was a fan of Savannah the moment her story started on Chris’s site, Stranded in Toronto (http://www.strandedintoronto.com/). The one thing that I had slight difficulty with when Savannah was a series on Chris’s site was the time line. At times I was lost, not knowing exactly where something fitted in. This has to do with the fact that the story jumps forward and backwards. Dates are mentioned, but I forget them as I read. I had less difficulty with the time line in the book than I had when I read the story on the website. I think this has to do with the difference in reading a piece online once a week, or reading it in a book. I could link different parts a lot better in the book, even though I forgot the dates that were mentioned.

Chris has a real talent for jumping from one time frame to another and still keeping the plot interesting and the reader interested. I have only one suggestion to you all: Read Savannah!

You can buy Just Prey: Savannah – Book One (for Kindle) from Amazon.


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