Hair Pulling

I’ve been sick for days. The flu. It tired me out, made me feel upset and sad at the same time. I am not good at being sick. On the one hand I want attention and to be taken care of and on the other hand I just want to be left alone.

It was quite late when we went to bed. I was sleepy but I was also needy. I wanted to fall asleep in Master T’s arms and forget I had the flu. I just wanted to feel better.

“Do you want me to feel your fur or do you want to sleep?” Master T asked.
It has actually been a thing with us for the last month or so, where he would play His fingers through my pubic hair, while it was still there to play with.
“Noooo,” I moaned with my head on His shoulder.
However, there was a stirring somewhere deep inside.
“I would love if you play with my nipples,” I said, and then quickly added: “softly.”

Master T knows me all too well.

He knew the one thing would lead to another.
“You are sick and you are horny.”
I said nothing.
“Admit it,” He demanded and I nodded.
“Let me feel it.”
I turned onto my back and in the process pulled my nipple from between His fingers. His hand moved to my fur and then between my lips. I was wet.
“Why are you so wet?” He asked.
“I’m horny, Mijnheer,” I admitted.

It took me only minutes to beg for permission to climax. After a couple of orgasms Master T wiped His wet fingers in my pubic hair. In the process He pulled the hair, making me gasp. He must have immediately recognized that my gasp was not one of ‘please stop’ but one of ‘more please’. He pulled the hair again, hurting me, making me moan. Making me want more. Giving me more. Each time He spread His fingers to grab the hair, one of His fingers brushed against my clitoris. I felt an orgasm building, as well as the frustration of not having my clit stimulated constantly. But soon the pain took over, and just like I once discovered that I can climax from the pain of having my nipples pulled, I now discovered that the pain from having my pubes pulled can cause a climax too.

The pain shifted my focus from the flu to my lust. I wanted to be used. I wanted to feel alive. The pain caused my head to spin; my body to scream for more. And more I got. More pulling. Painful hair pulling. More orgasms. Fingers in my cunt. Begging for more. Gasping. Moaning. Orgasms.
“I want one of my big orgasms,” I begged.
“What are you?” Master T asked.
“A slut.”
“Where do you want my fingers?” He asked.
“In my ass.”
“What are you?”
“A whore.”

A finger disappeared into my ass. My hand moved to my clitoris. The flu was long forgotten. I was a bundle of sex nerves that needed release.
“More fingers,” I gasped.
Two second later He pushed three fingers into me.
“Harder,” I begged.
The orgasm started from deep in my core and exploded to the surface almost before I could ask for permission. His words “come on, come for me” was the last I needed to let go and allow the intense feelings to wash over my body.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. I’m the same way sick – wanting to be spoiled but at the same time wanting to be left alone. And no matter how sick, it seems I always want sex.
    So loving, this writing between the two of you. And hot!

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