Brazilian Wax

If you have been following this blog, you know that I had a bad fall last year September, after which I couldn’t properly stand for about nine weeks. During those nine weeks I allowed my pubic hair to grow back, with permission from Master T. During one of our discussions and kinky sessions in which my pubic hair played quite a role, it was decided that I would go for my first ever waxing. A Brazilian wax. Except for the fact that I have always wanted to try it, I had two other goals with it too: I wanted to tick off number 82 on my 101 list and I wanted to get this location as a scavenger hunt.

On 7 February my best friend and I set off to the waxing studio where I had an appointment. It was a Saturday and there was only one lady present in the studio, the lady that was going to do my waxing. Now, since I have never been to a waxing studio, I had no idea what to expect, so I asked the lady what clothes I should take off, fully expecting her to tell me that I only need to take my shoes, tight and panties off and pull my dress up to around my waist. Imagine my surprise when she told me to take everything off. Really?

Minutes later I was in the chair – naked. She threw a towel over my upper body and then started working on my pubic area. A kind of creme was spread on my skin and through the hairs and then the first wax were spread on the hairs. Oh my gawd it hurt when she pulled it off. Over and over again. I grunted and moaned but gradually I got used to it. By the time she was almost done, I was quiet and almost – note, I said: almost – enjoying it. My mind was already wandering to the future and whether I would do it again.

The lady was really cool. Actually, my friend is damn cool too. She just asked the lady if it’s okay if she took some photos, and the woman agreed. I was not as brave as Molly to tell her what the purpose of the photos were, but we were apparently the first people who asked her whether we could take some photos.

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Up to ten days after the waxing I absolutely loved the smooth feeling of my pussy. It was so soft, so different from when I shaved. The skin felt totally different. Then roundabout the eleventh day after the waxing the first hairs started growing back. Not the hard stubble I was used to from shaving, but soft hairs. So soft that fort he first day or two I doubted whether I really felt hairs.

Will I go back to be waxed again? Not for the time being. I wanted to. I really wanted to grow the hair back for four to six weeks and then go for another waxing, at a waxing studio closer to home. But a week from when I felt the hairs appearing again, I was done with it. I shaved. I am back to the habit I had for the last 25-30 years: I shave myself every day. I just love the fact that I don’t have to think about it: I just do it. It’s part of my routine under the shower.

But you know what they say: never say never… I might just see the inside of a waxing studio again!

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