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Remember I told you about the guy who loved to see me naked, loved to watch me masturbate, but never wanted any sex with me, any other than me sucking him and him not climaxing. He didn’t want to climax, because that would mean that he was cheating on his girlfriend. Seeing me naked, watching me and sometimes bringing me to climax wasn’t cheating in his book.

This photo shows me with a small white vibrator, on the floor in his sitting room, bringing myself to orgasm while he watched and took photos of me. I still have this vibrator somewhere, but after almost 10 years of service, it died on me. It took only one battery, but no battery can ever make it work again. It’s dead. I looked at this picture and thought: I should have written a review about that vibrator.
It would have been a good review, especially if I have written it after years of using that toy. A simple, cheap finger vibrator that had just enough buzz to get my clit’s attention. It was never for penetration, as it was too thin and short, but always for vibration and climaxing.

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I have written a number of product reviews in the past, and will write some more in future. When I say product reviews, I am talking about sex toys and books. I am occasionally approached by random sex toy shops to review one of their products, and I am on the ÜberKinky reviewers list, which means I review for them on a frequent basis.

When I started reviewing toys and books, I was very unsure of myself. How should I do it? What should I look at? What should I put in my reviews and what should I leave out? I did some research by reading reviews written by others. That gave me some guidelines, but essentially I wanted to do it my own way. So I did some more research, but reading articles on how to write reviews. This helped me even more, and before I knew I had two templates – one for product reviews and the other for book reviews. I just asked myself some questions – what would I want to know about a sex toy before I buy it? What do I want to know about a book before I read it? I wanted my reviews to give the information I know I would want, but at the same I didn’t want it to be a scientific article.

For sex reviews I give some technical information, such as what the toys are made of, how big the packaging is, what shape it has and how it works. But the main part of my reviews is my experience of a toy. Did I enjoy using it? Did it do what it said it would do? Maybe the most important question of them all: would I use the toy again. My opinion of the toy is based mainly on my experience of the toy. There are other reviewers that discuss the material more extensively, that indeed give some scientific information and I didn’t want to copy them on that. In my reviews I decided to focus mainly on the experience.

For book reviews this is more or less the same. I focus on whether I enjoyed reading a book or not. In my reviews I give a quick description of the book itself, what it looks like, how many pages it has and whether there’s some information about the author somewhere on the cover of the book. If not, I search for information on the author and work that into my review. I give a short description of the characters and a the story, without giving the plot away. At the end of my reviews I give my opinion of the book. My opinion is based on whether I enjoyed the book or not, whether the story captured me and I wanted to read to the end. I don’t want to make my book reviews into huge debates because I might not share the views of the author. If an author have a nice writing style and can write a story that captures and keeps my attention, I just read the story without questioning those views. If I am asked to write a review on a book and I battle to get through it, that will be reflected in my review too.

The main goal of my blog never was and never will be to write reviews, but I definitely like doing them from time to time.

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4 thoughts on “Writing Reviews

  1. Oh I had one of those too ! LOL!!!
    And, love your Vampire Paddle review as well (though as I have said many times before, you are FAR braver than I)!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I love that very clearly defined line of what constitutes cheating, very political lol I like that you have picked an area that you want to focus on when writing your reviews as well 🙂

  3. We really haven’t written too many reviews (I believe two total) but I’m not opposed to them. The biggest problem, to be perfectly honest, is there is two of us, so who does what? We both love toys. And my sister doesn’t do well with timelines (but truly believes she does most of the time).
    I really like how you’re bringing out the old photos – and it always fascinates me how others define cheating.

    1. I agree about the ‘defining cheating’. It was not my place to tell him that what he did was cheating in my book 🙂

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