Visiting a sex shop

Hello new friends,

Two weeks ago I introduced myself to you, as a new addition to Rebel’s sex life.

What’s that? Oh you thought I was ‘but a silly puppet’? No my dears, that Rebel has to take me everywhere she goes. Okay, not everywhere. I don’t want to be involved in her vanilla life. Only in the sexy one. I made this very clear to her and she understood.

The first time she took me with her was when she and her Master T visited a sex wholesaler in a rural town not too far from where they live. They had an appointment to meet two sexy ladies there and of course I would meet the two too. I approved of those two ladies and look forward to the next time I see them. Maybe they will let me touch their boobs. Oh wait, I’m digressing again, right?

20141115-036wm Skelly business card
A great sex shop should be promoted, right?
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So, there we were at HG Leather Creations. The first thing that struck me was how friendly the people were that work there. Coffee and tea was offered and they were very interested in me and my story. I allowed Rebel to tell it. Her eyes shone with pleasure and enthusiasm while she did so. She has totally accepted me as part of her life. Not that she had much of a choice!

Just like Rebel and her husband, I was impressed with the stuff that you can buy from HG Leather Creations. They have leather clothing for men and women, harnesses, cuffs, collars, gags, different kinds of whips and more. Almost all of the leather items are made by the ladies working there. They have their own sewing workshop right there on the premises. The smell of leather is everywhere. Just browse through the photos to see the pretty things they have to offer.

They also sell very sexy shoes, from pumps to ankle boots to over the knee boots. Their shoes and boots are manufactured in Portugal and when the boots they have in the store don’t fit you, they take your measurements and the boots are custom made – no extra costs. Quite a service, if you ask me!

The one thing I saw there that I really wish Rebel’s husband would buy for her, is a fucking machine. The put me up on the dildo’s and while sitting there, looking down on Rebel, I imagined myself sitting on the fucking machine and watching those brightly colored dildos entering Rebel’s cunt and ass… mmmm… maybe one day!

20141115-012wm Skelly dildos
I want to watch Rebel as the fucking machine pushes these dildos into her…
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For now I will leave you by saying: if you are looking for quality kinky leather goods, you might want to pay a visit to HG Leather Creations.

Until next time!

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