Strict Leather Vampire Paddle

20150131-045wm vampire paddle
The Strict Leather Vampire Paddle before use
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For quite some time I have been looking for a vampire paddle and as I have said in my post ‘Paddle Me‘ I have found some online, but most of them were so incredibly expensive because I would have had to pay import costs too. So I just kept putting off to decide where I would buy one, secretly hoping one of the sex shops in our country would finally have on one their sites. Then the perfect opportunity was presented to me, when ÜberKinky offered me the Strict Leather Vampire Paddle.

Packaging & Contents
The paddle simply came in a clear plastic bag. No markings, no logo, nothing on the outside. The pins on the paddle had a piece of paper to protect it. The paper is a thicker kind of tissue paper that you can use over and over again. We keep the paddle in the plastic bag that it came in, and with the protected paper covering the pins.

Shape ‘n Size & Material
The paddle has a rectangular shape with a handle on the one end. The widest part of the paddle is where the studded pins are and it is about 9 centimeters wide. The entire length of the paddle, including the handle is 40 centimeters. The spanking part of the paddle measures just over 22 centimeters. There’s a D-ring on the end of the handle so the paddle can be hung from a hook. The paddle is made of black leather and is totally inflexible. The center of the paddle is reinforced. The metal pins are 2-3 millimeters long, just enough to break the surface of your skin.

20150131-062wm vampire paddle
The Strict Leather Vampire Paddle after use, with a hint of red on some spikes
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How does it work?
Easy enough: just spank the one who’s bent over.

The paddle can be used on both the smooth and the prickly side, and of course you can alternate between the two sides. We tend to use only the prickly side, as that is really the part I am interested in. We have other, more flexible paddle which my Husband uses to warm my bottom up, and then He takes the vampire paddle to hand.

After using the paddle we spray it with Dettol spray to disinfect it and the dab it with tissue paper to dry the spikes. The vampire paddle is used ONLY on me, even though it’s cleaned thoroughly every time after it’s been used.

My experience with the product
Brilliant – just brilliant.

The first time we used this paddle was in a hotel and we took the paddle with us specifically to test it. I loved it, every moment of it. So much so, that during dinner about an hour later, with my bottom stinging when I move, I almost begged Master T to use the paddle on me again when we were back in our bedroom. He refused. Two weeks later we got to use it again during a weekend that was meant for spanking and caning. Before Master T used the Strict Leather Vampire Paddle on me, He used another paddle on me. It was amazing to feel the difference between the two. The first one (without spikes) was flexible and where it hurt when it touched my bottom, most of the energy of the swing was lost because the paddle ‘bounced’ back. This was different with the vampire paddle. Due to the inflexibility of the vampire paddle, the energy of the swing is transferred into my body, making it hurt deeper than the other paddle. A hurt I like.

The effect of the vampire paddle looks dramatic. It leaves my bottom with tiny spots of blood and the longer the paddle is used, the more the blood spreads and turns my bottom into, what seems to be, a bloody mess. However, once the blood is wiped away, all that remains are tiny spots on my bottom where the skin was broken. And of course a tender and sometimes bruised feeling because of the paddling.

20150131-053wm ass marks
My bottom after the first use of the paddle
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My opinion of the product
The vampire paddle is everything I imagined it would be and more. I was fan of the vampire gloves and am now also fan of the vampire paddle. If you are into prickly things, you might want to try this paddle.

Where to buy?
You can buy the Strict Leather Vampire Paddle from ÜberKinky for 42 British pounds.

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