Self Love

This is another photo from the series made by a past friend, who loved to make photos of me, to watch me undress and just enjoy my nakedness. Our evenings together always started very innocently. He would make some coffee for the both of us and sometimes we even drank a second cup. All the while we talked and caught up with news from each other’s lives. Then the mood changed as he asked me to undress. My camera was in his hands as one by one I removed items of clothing. He would tell me where to stand, when to hold still, when to carry on. Finally I would be naked… and horny.

Because yes, undressing for him was something that excited me a lot. The posing part was something I liked less, but it never lasted that long. Once I was naked, all he wanted to do was watch me bring myself to orgasm. Sometimes he helped, but mostly he concentrated on making photos. He always put me at ease and never made me feel as if what I was doing was wrong. Part of the attraction was the fact that it wasn’t all about my nakedness, but before and after photo sessions, we had intelligent conversations.

I would lie if I said I didn’t enjoy the part where I masturbated and climaxed with the camera pointed at me. This photo below was made while I masturbated. I bet my eyes were closed, as they mostly are when I masturbate, to shut out the outside world.

One thing I love in this photo, is my body. It’s younger than it is now, but that’s not why I love the photo. The photo shows me as I were, but also as I still am – my stretch marks, my scar, my naked pussy. And last but not least, my love for sex. I don’t think I will ever be able to live without sex. I just love it too much!

20150219wm polaroids past 2003-04

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