My parents raised us with religion and we were members of the reformed church. I went through Sunday morning sermons to Sunday school afterwards and only having the Sunday afternoon to relax. Thankfully my parents never went to church twice on one day, only on Sunday mornings. As a child, I accepted what I was told. I never questioned the Bible or the things I was taught in Sunday school. As an adult that changed, and I did not raise my kids with religion, much to the dismay of my parents. I wanted my children to decide for themselves what is important to them.

For many years I have worn the cross you see in the photo around my neck. It never was because I wanted to show a symbol of my faith, but because I liked the charm. Do I still believe in the God that I have learned about when I was a child? Do I still believe in the Bible? Am I still faithful, the way I should be according to the church? To all of those questions I can answer yes and no. But I won’t go on here to explain why I say yes and why I say no, because religion is something I never discuss. To me, whether I believe or not, and what I believe in are totally private matters. When someone wants to talk about religion, or wants to preach to me, I end the conversation. It is something I am not prepared to talk about.

I respect people who believe in God (whoever their god is) and who are open and relaxed about their faith. I respect that those people have made a choice on how to live their lives. I expect the same kind of respect from people in the fact that I don’t want to discuss religion with anyone. It’s just not my thing to talk about it, because, as said: to me it’s a private matter.

Someone in my close circle on day said: I believe in myself.

I let it sink in, turned the words over and over in my mind, looked at it from all different angles and decided: I like it.

Yes, I think the first the first thing all of us should learn to do is to believe in ourselves. It’s like loving yourself – how can you expect anyone else to love you, if you don’t love yourself? If you don’t believe in yourself, you might never reach the goals you are working so hard for. Believing in yourself puts you halfway there to reaching those goals. I believe in myself, yes I do, but I also have days where I doubt myself, doubt that what I am doing is good; doubt that I even know what I am doing. But those days are a lot less than they were years ago, because I have so many wonderful people to remind me that I should believe in myself, that what I do is good.

Maybe that little cross was all about faith all the time I wore it – faith in myself. And what better photo to portray that I believe in my sexy naughty sexual self than the one below.

20150226wm polaroids past 2009-10

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2 thoughts on “Religion

  1. I enjoy theological discussions. Although, typically I prefer to have them with those who share some version of my faith. I find those of other faiths or those with no faith to be rather hostile toward mine much of the time. It makes for rather unproductive discussion when the other party is trying to prove to you that your religion is stupid.

    I do like find Biblical support for my lifestyle choices, so I will sometimes incorporate verses that speak to me in regards to a particular topic I might be discussing, but I don’t do it often because of the disdain many people have for religion and my religion in particular.

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