Red Love

Ooooh when I look at this photo… and some others I will share this month that are from the same month, the same evening even… my mind wanders back very far.

Back in the beginning of 2002 a relationship ended – a relationship that I thought would last a lifetime, but I was proven wrong. Just two months after that Master T and I fell in love, but neither of us was ready to begin a serious relationship, no matter how much we wanted each other. We set each other free. Master T wanted me to learn to stand on my own feet, to be free to do what I want to do, to get to know myself, to just enjoy some naughty times before I settle down again. He had one condition: I should share everything with Him. At first I was upset that He didn’t want me, but I think that made our relationship so much stronger, that He set me free and allowed me to get to know myself. Because you see, I was the only one who saw other people, where Master T didn’t. And I shared everything with Him.

One of the people I saw was a guy of about my age, who had a relationship with a woman in a neighbouring country. He only saw her during weekends, but during the week he was home alone. We went out for dinner a couple of times and two or three times I visited him in his home, where it came to me being naked both times. We never had sex, because he wanted to save that for his girlfriend, but I sucked him both times that I was there. What he really wanted from those evenings was to see me naked and to make photos of me, and I didn’t mind that one bit. He never made me feel cheap or slutty, and made some lovely photos of me, like you can see from the one below. I guess my evenings with him fed my exhibitionistic side, not only because he made photos of me, but because I touched myself while he watched.

20150214wm polaroids past 2003-04
(click to enlarge)

I have no idea where he is nowadays. Unfortunately we lost contact not long after Master T and I openly became an item. Once more I had contact with this guy, but then he disappeared. Wherever he is, I hope he’s as happy today as I am!

Oh, and just in case you wonder: Master T loves all the photos that other men had taken of me. They are part of our picture archives.

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2 thoughts on “Red Love

  1. Such a lovely post to wake-up to on Valentines morning . . . and so wonderful for you to have found such a loving and sharing relationship with Master T.
    And the perfect day . . . and the perfect photograph . . . to celebrate all of that!
    Xxx – K

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