Pink Line

Pink panties, my hand and my pussy.

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When I met Master T I weighed a lot less than I do now. I gained weight and just before we got married in 2005, I lost quite a lot and reached a weight where I was actually too thin. At the time I really loved myself. Loved my body. I was thin, I was sexy and I frequently showed myself in front of the camera. Looking at photos of my face of back then, I cannot say that I like them. I really was too thin and where I would love to have the thin body of back then again, I would not want to have the same face again. I am losing weight again at this moment, but in no way will I be as thin as I was back in 2005.

On this photo you see a hint of my clitoral hood piercing that was almost a year old in July 2005, but I also notice the stretch marks on my legs. There was a time that I would have been so ashamed of this, but sharing photos of myself over the years and getting used to looking at the photos, I have come to accept the stretch marks as part of my body. They might be there because of the overweight I had, but they might also be there because of my pregnancies. It doesn’t matter what brought them there, though. What matters is that I have accepted it as part of me, part of my history.

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5 thoughts on “Pink Line

  1. Sassy says it perfectly . . . “it’s all real, it’s all part of life” . . . accepting those inevitable changes and, in fact, celebrating who we are, is empowering and makes us more comfortable in ourselves.
    Xxx – K

  2. I know what you mean about weight and its effect on your face. When I lost lots of weight I loved my body but my face looked gaunt and too thin. I think the key is finding the balance and as you said, maybe most of all, accepting ourselves completely


  3. I really like the point of view in this image (hot!), but most of all I love your description of your acceptance and appreciation for you body. 🙂

  4. Pink is my favorite color 😉
    I think stretch marks indicate that you’re a real person. That you have life experiences to share. That you’re not a fake person with a blog. Like you said..pregnancies, weight issues…it’s all real and that’s a part of life, beautiful and so are you.

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