I should have titled this: the one that got away.

No, she didn’t really get away. Our ways just parted… she got caught up in something illegal and I started my life with Master T.

This woman – I will just call her S – was a dear friend for close to a year. I had an affair with her brother, which I ended because he wanted to leave his wife to be with me. I didn’t want that. It would have been the biggest mistake in his life, was what I felt back then. I told him that the affair was over, that I wanted him to go back to his wife and try to salvage his marriage. He did. But, this story is about his sister.

We would not have become friends if I didn’t have an affair with her brother. Him and I needed a place to meet and we were allowed to meet at her place. From the first moment S and I saw each other, there was a click. Maybe even a sexual click. I told her about my exhibitionist streak and that I love to have photos taken of myself. Also that I did a lot of photographing myself. She suggested that we should have a photo session together and we would take photos of each other. Who was I to refuse? We had our photo session and nothing sexual happened. We started going to the gym together and then one day, in the sauna at the gym, she kissed and fingered me. That was the first time we were sexual with each other. Another time was when we met a friend of mine in a hotel, and made his dream of two women come true on his birthday. That wasn’t when this photo was taken either.

This photo was taken in her bedroom. We started out making photos of us in sexy lingerie and clothes – getting dressed and undressed and snapping away. The longer we were busy, the more excited we both became. We played around with dildos, masturbating ourselves while the other took photos. There were some orgasms, but that night we didn’t give each other an orgasm. We just watched the other and took photos. This photo below was made when I bent over and she noticed my wetness. She pulled me open with one hand while taking a photo with the other.

It’s a pity that we have lost contact. Actually, we had contact again about three years ago, but she was very evasive about where she was and when we would ever be able to meet up again. She said she wanted to, that she would really like to see me again, but like I said, she was evasive and full of excuses when I tried to set a date for a meeting. I had the feeling that she might be in prison, but I can be totally mistaken. After trying for some months, I decided to just let it be.

Thinking back on those months and the special connection we had, the way both of us worked at our friendship and made an effort to be with each other, whether just for a cup of coffee or for some sexy fun, makes me long for a special girlfriend all over again. Maybe one day I will find that special woman who feels the same as I do, and understand that both should work to make it a success. And if I don’t find her, then it was just never meant to be.

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7 thoughts on “Oozing

  1. I think that sometimes, people are meant to be in our lives for a shorter time than maybe we’d like, but you have some wonderful memories, and, fo rme, this image has an air of innocence about it…..really lovely Marie, thanks for sharing both the image & the story xxx

  2. I just read the story in the sauna, and that was very hot.
    I’ve never had a female friend of this nature, but am grateful that I am free to explore do I ever meet her.

    And such a great photo

  3. Another very delicious photograph . . . and exciting and interesting story. I’ve loved reading all of your recollections here over the past month.
    Your sharing of all your experiences and memories has filled me with even more admiration than I had before.
    Xxx – K

  4. My what a gloriously inviting pussy. Succulent in the extreme and SO needing to bd gently licked and caresses !!! Mmmmmmm so wish to taste and satisfy xx

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