Oh this photo brings back memories… sweet and sad memories.

Yesterday I mentioned how I shared photos online when I was home alone. I shared them without telling anyone that I did so. The only ones who knew that I shared were the ones on the other side of my screen, whether on Redclouds or on a chat site. I loved being home alone and I loved to know that I was being watched. I kept my face away from the screen, but my tits and my pussy were shared without any timidity.

I cannot remember how we started to chat, but I ended up with an Australian surfer/student on the other side of the screen. I loved masturbating for him, love showing him my pussy or pushing a dildo deep into myself and reading on the screen how much he liked it. I never used a microphone and earphones, because I didn’t want them to hear my voice and I wanted to hear when someone opened the front door and I needed to get dressed quickly. This photo was one of the ones I made for the Australian surfer. I wanted to show him my breasts – the very same ones I am still so very proud of today. I love their shape, love my nipples, love the feel of the flesh in my hands.

The Australian student and I chatted for quite some time – I really cannot remember for how long – before He suddenly disappeared. I had no idea what had happened. When he didn’t appear for a day, I thought he might had been busy. The second day I thought the same. But after a week I wondered if something had happened. I couldn’t understand his silence; didn’t understand why he didn’t reply to my emails. And then I had an idea… I checked the Australian online newspapers. That’s when I discovered that there had been a shark attack and a surfer had been killed. I knew. I just knew…

When I think of the fun I had with him, I think about it with fondness. He made the grave situation I was in – my relationship – bearable because he gave me something that my partner of back the couldn’t. Only six months after this photo was made, that relationship came to an end and only eight months later, Master T and I fell in love…

20150209wm polaroids past 2001-06

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