When I look at this photo (and some others that were made that same day) some very good memories come flooding back. At this time I already knew Master T and was very much in love with Him, but we were not an official item yet. I used this time to get to know myself, to learn to accept almost every aspect of myself, especially on a sexual level. I have been a very sexual person from quite a young age, but I needed to be soaked free from my conservative upbringing, that told me almost everything I wanted (and sometimes did) was wrong.

I posted photos on Redclouds, and this South American man – let’s call him E – was one of the frequent commenters on my series of photos. We started chatting on MSN Messenger and then one day he told me that he would be coming to Europe on a business trip. He arranged to be in a hotel close to me for one night and we arranged to meet. He asked me to have a buttplug with me when we saw each other, and some other toys.

When I got to his hotel, he told me to bring the stuff with me and that we should go out for a drive. I was caught a bit off-guard, not knowing where to go and then decided to drive to a company where I used to work, where they had a huge parking area, some far away from the office buildings. It was there, in the car, that I spread my legs for him and where he made this photo. I also inserted the plug while he watched me and had to keep it in when we drove back to the hotel.

We went upstairs to his room and there we played on. The toys I had with me were well used that day – both anal and vaginal toys, and his fingers and cock also found the inside of my pussy. I think we were together for about five hours before I had to go back home. He stayed in the hotel that night and travelled to his end destination the next day. It was the only time we ever saw each other, but this is a fond memory.

Unfortunately, over the years, we lost contact with each other. I have tried a couple of times to find him again, but without any success. Thankfully I have the photos to remind me of that afternoon and the nice chats we used to have.

20150221wm polaroids past 2002-05

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