High Rise

This photo brings back very fond memories…

Back in 2012, with my 45th birthday, Master T surprised me with a night in a hotel. Never before have we slept anyplace else than at home, in our own bed. Both of us love being at home, in our own surroundings, but by then the youngest was old enough to be left alone for one night. The hotel was only 20 minutes from home, so if an emergency would arise, we could be home quite quickly.

That night was the first of many hotel stays… something we have both started to enjoy immensely. So much so, that we book hotel stays several times during the year. It gives us time to enjoy each others company without any interruptions, to do kinky things without worrying that someone might hear us.

Today being my birthday, this photo has been made 3 years ago, plus one day. You see, back then I woke up in the hotel on the morning of my 45th birthday, but all the kinky fuckery happened the night before. From the moment we walked into the fantastic hotel suite (which is still our favorite place to stay, but so darn expensive!) up to the moment we went to bed that night, kinky things happened. I had 80 orgasms that day and was totally fucked out by the end of the night. I was bound to the stair railing inside the room, that lead to the door of the terrace and whipped and spanked. I had to wear different outfits and all the while Master T made photos. We used the anal hook for the first time. He fingered me. I masturbated. I had to keep count of the number of orgasms I had.

Some of those orgasms happened during nipple torture. And not because Master T fingered me, but purely by the pain in my nipples. It first happened when Master T pinched my nipples during the afternoon. I thought it happened because He had fingered me just before He pinched my nipples, but when we came back from dinner, He took out the tower of pain. Bit by bit He cranked up the pressure, pulling my nipples upward, hurting them. It didn’t take long for me to have another orgasm, without Him even touching me. It’s an amazing feeling, to climax only from the pain.

When looking at this photo, all those special memories come flooding back… the way I learn more and more about my body and its abilities, but also the special moments Master T and I spent together. Our hotel stays are really “us time” with no interference, unless we invite someone to join us. I love that we are able to do it, to enjoy each other’s company and will keep on doing it for long as it’s possible.

Today, on my birthday, I am more than grateful for everything I have in my life.

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