Double Up

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years ago that Master T gave me the task to find items in our household to fuck myself with and to make photos of whatever I used. I don’t know if I mentioned it in the posts back then, but I had totally misunderstood the task. He told me to find ’10 household items’ and not to find ’10 items in our household’. Now, there is a slight difference there, but when He realized I misunderstood Him, He was willing to let it go.

I used different items I could find in our house, such as kitchen utensils, rubber bands, pencils, toothpaste, a duster and what you see in the photo: candles. I have always loved using candles to masturbate with. There’s something about the smooth feel of a candle that makes me want to slip it into my body. And that is exactly what I did with the two candles I used for my task in March 2012.

20150220wm polaroids past 2012-03

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Posted in collaboration with Molly’s #febphotofest and Modesty’s Polaroids Past:

febphotofest2015 polaroidspast

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