Dinner out

Hi sexy readers,

Let me tell you about the first time that Rebel woman took me out for dinner with her husband. First I had to go with them to the writing meeting Rebel organizes every two months. She allowed me to sit on the table and watch her, but that’s about it. She was so busy that she gave me very little attention. On their way to the hotel and while they checked in she left me in her bag. I could look around as she left my head and arms out and I noticed that some people looked at me with strange expressions on their faces.

Skelly in Rebel's bag
In Rebel’s bag, watching the people watching me
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After some fun in their bedroom, they went down to the restaurant for dinner. Crikey, that woman can squirt. I tell you everything was wet. Everything! But, as usual, I’m digressing again.

In the restaurant they sat at the bar where they each had two drinks. I was still in her bag, at her feet. Not a very respectful way to treat me, I must say. It was only when they moved to a table that she took me out of her bag and put me on the table. She should have done that much earlier. The waiter loved me! He even wanted to bring me my own knife and fork, but it’s a good thing he didn’t. Who knows what I might have used the knife for. Rebel’s husband told me she loves knife play!

During dinner Rebel enjoyed her wine and frequently gave me some of her food. Healthy food. I had my own bowl of salad, ate some of her cheesecake and fruit she had after her dinner and even sipped some of her coffee. And while her husband was outside having a smoke, I took a sip of his whisky. The dude was not very happy with that so he dumped me head first into a wine glass. Thankfully it was empty!

Rebel was stuffed when they finally went back to the bedroom, and frankly, so was I. Stuffed, but not ready to go to sleep just yet. Rebel sat down on the couch in their bedroom and got out her Doxy massager…

That, dear readers, is a story for the next time. The way that woman abuses a Doxy… oh boy!

Take care sexies!

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