Circle Peak

I do love my black stockings and red panties, don’t I. I think that’s quite obvious from the photos I have posted here this month. The photo below has been made on the same evening that we made the photo in my recent post ‘A Splash of Red’. In the photo below I was lying on the dining room table, exposing my piercing to Master T and waiting for Him to take a series of pictures.

I started off fully dressed, but by the end of our photo session I was completely naked. My dressing gown was within reach the entire time, for if one of the kids would have decided to come back downstairs. In another post I have said that I don’t like to dress up, but even though I don’t, I have an awful lot of lingerie that we can use for photos. Stockings, however, is a different thing. In the past years I have learned to wear them and appreciate them. It’s because I found a brand that’s perfect and doesn’t have me occupied with ‘drooping stockings’ all the time.

To get back to that evening in January 2009… there might have been a bit of fingering, or an orgasm or two… with me on the table. Imagine us sitting at the same table the evening after, having our dinner? Yes, sometimes I go quiet, look at the table and think: the stories you would tell if you could talk…

20150216wm polaroids past 2009-01

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