Carrot Pie

Kinky? Me? Master T? Serious?

I guess we are and have been from the very beginning of our relationship.

This photo was made almost a year before we moved in together and only a month after we have officially announced that we were in a relationship. By then we have known each other for a year and a half and we were still as in love as we were when we had just met. Actually, we still are as in love as we were back then and if after 13 years it hasn’t disappeared yet, I don’t think it will.

But, this is not what this photo is about. When I showed Master T this photo He said that He could still remember the afternoon that He went to the supermarket to buy the veggies He had planned to use on me: one piece of leek, one piece of chicory, one cucumber and the carrot you see in this photo. I guess the lady at the checkout must have thought He was going to cook soup for one! Once everyone was in bed that night we sneaked up to the attic where this photo was made. Whether it was the first or the last in the series is not important. What’s important is the memories I have of that evening and many of the evenings from that period of our relationship. Trust was a big part of it, as it still is. I trusted Master T from the beginning. Trusted my body to Him, but also trusted Him enough to show Him my kinky and crooked side. The feeling of the veggies inside me and watching Him while He took the photos left me incredibly horny and ready to be fucked and climax right afterwards, which is what happened.

Funnily enough, after that night we haven’t played with veggies or fruit again until last year. And we definitely need to start playing with it again soon, as I need to fulfill that one thing on my list of 101 things in 1001 days!

20150207wm polaroids past 2003-10
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  1. Thank goodness Master T didn’t use it for Soup – that is a much more appropriate destination for a carrot 🙂

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