Fucking my bed… yes, I did that.

Some of you might remember similar photos that I have posted in the past, where I showed how I fucked my bed. This is one photo that I haven’t shared yet.

We have a kind of four poster bed, but not the kind with the high poles on each corner. The ‘poles’ of the headboard are higher, but those at the foot end of the bed are low enough for me to be able to use the bronze-colored knobs in it as fucking objects. I always, but always clean the bed before I use it, just as I would clean a toy before I use it. Feeling that cold steel slipping inside me, excites me a lot, but I don’t think it’s only the cold steel. The fact that I am using our bed as a fucking object, that I am pushing something into my body that doesn’t belong there – that is even more exciting. One step further: I can let go and just do this, give in to my horny feelings and not feel shy for one moment that I am doing so. I know my Husband loves to see how I enjoy myself; how I forget any inhibitions I might have from time to time.

I look at this photo and I smile. My clitoris tells the tale of my excitement. It’s swollen and it shows nicely on the photo. I love to touch my clitoris when it’s excited and my clitoris loves to be touched when in such a state. I cannot stop my mind from wandering to all the lovely orgasms that have started and ended by touching that tiny piece of flesh.

This photo is of the night that I first fucked my bed, and I think it’s time I do it again…

20150224wm polaroids past 2008-11

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