Blue Line

The blue panties I wear in this photo comes with a matching blue ‘jacket’. Actually, what I am wearing here can be described as ‘shorts’ instead of ‘panties’. No matter what you call it, the color is vibrant and looks great on photos. You know, I have been trying to remember just where I have this blue set from, but I just cannot remember. If I do remember correctly, it is something that I bought after Master T and I moved in together. It features in quite a couple of my photos, some of which have been shown already.

I have never been someone who dresses up in pretty clothes or takes ages to get my make-up and hair just right. I have never shared clothes with any other women, not even my best friend. Dressing up in lingerie or this blue set is something I do for Master T and it’s very important to me to feel sexy and to see the approval in His eyes for whatever I am wearing. I would much rather be naked in front of Him than dressed up in something frilly or sexy and seeing a hint of disapproval in His eyes. That said, I must had that I have never seen disapproval in His eyes when I wore something sexy for Him, but still I feel uncomfortable to do so.

However, if He tells me to put on something colorful for photos, this blue set is one of the first that comes to mind…

20150210wm polaroids past 2009-12

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