Blood Games

On our way back from a night in a hotel, where we also tested our newly acquired vampire paddle, I saw Jade’s newest prompt for Kink of the week and I couldn’t wait to start writing. Jade had mentioned Molly and me and our love for blood play. Frankly, I have never really thought of it as blood play, as to me blood play had to do with needles and syringes, in other words, more doctor-patient play. But thinking about it for a moment, I knew that what we do with the vampire paddle is nothing other than a version blood play.

The very first time Master T broke my skin was when we were sent the vampire gloves in exchange for a review. At that time we had the house of someone else to use for some sexy fun, so decided the gloves would be tested there. Neither Master T nor I had planned to break my skin and draw blood. It just happened. At first He ran the spikes of the gloves over my body, cupped my breast and watched me try to pull away without hurting myself. I had to turn around and felt the spikes run up and down my bottom. And then He started to spank me softly, with the glove. It felt amazing! I didn’t want Him to stop, but He did, and only when He told me I should not sit down, I understood that he had broken my skin. There wasn’t a lot of blood, but there was enough blood that I accidentally left a smear of it on the white door frame.

To say we were hooked will be an understatement.

The next time we used the gloves we were in a room where it was easier to clean up an eventual mess. Master T set out to spank me with the vampire gloves and the effect was incredible. Both my buttocks were red and it looked spectacular, until the blood on the surface was washed off. All that remained were the tiny puncture wounds that had long stopped bleeding. It left me with a tender feeling in my bottom for a day or two, putting a smile on my face. Even showering with hot water the day after and feeling the water burn the tony wounds, made me smile.
(The photo below is of that evening and shows my bottom when some of the blood had already been wiped off.)

20150212wm polaroids past 2013-09

(click to enlarge)

Vampire gloves (and in future also the vampire paddle) was not the only way in which Master T made me bleed, and will probably make me bleed many times in future. Knife play has become a part of our kink too. And, the knife has also been replaced by an onion comb a couple of times. The knife and the onion comb have the same effect: lines are left on my body, white lines or lines where the skin breaks and lines fill with red. Blood. Spots of blood. A beautiful color – red.

Before the first time that Master T drew blood from my body, I never thought about whether I would like it or not. Yes, I had seen photos where people engaged in needle play and shivered by the mere thought of it. From the first time that Master T bruised me I loved looking at my bruises, watched them as they appeared and changed color and gradually disappeared.

Breaking my skin and making me bleed doesn’t leave the same kind of bruises. It leaves a surface wound, that’s tender for two to three days and which forms a scab. Running my hand over my bottom, even after the tenderness has disappeared, always brings a smile to my face. I love feeling the broken skin, that is slowly healing. It sometimes takes up to three weeks for the skin to be fully healed.

What is my – our – fascination with the vampire paddle, the knife and the onion comb and making me bleed?

It’s not about punishing, but it can be. It’s not about sex, but it can be. It is about our mutual enjoyment. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I see the blood on my bottom. It has something to do with my submission, as if bleeding for Master T is proof that I have given my body to Him to use and abuse in which way He sees fit. This means that for us there is a D/s element in blood play.
I asked Master T what it is about blood play that He likes and He said the fact that He sees instant result is satisfying. Yes, other implements leave marks too, but it takes a while before you see those. The drops of blood just give that little bit extra.

The last time Master T broke the skin on my bottom, and the first time we used the new vampire paddle, He did it at the end of the day before we went out for dinner. During dinner I practically begged Him to continue with the paddle that evening, but He refused. It had to heal first. Health and safety first, He said, no permanent damage. Neither of us know what kind of permanent scars it might leave if He uses the vampire paddle on me twice in one day. Or even two days in a row. I don’t say we will never try this, but for now it’s still one bridge too far.

What I am really curious about is how it would feel if I am already bruised by a whip or a flogger and the vampire paddle is used o me then. I might find out this weekend…

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  1. That is so beautiful and exactly the hundreds of tiny drops of blood I so crave and I think for me it is the ultimate submission, bleeding for him.

  2. Great image of your bum! You can almost make out the hand prints. I love using my vampire gloves on my Pony. So far I haven’t been able to make him bleed because he’s got such a leather arse. Maybe I need a vampire paddle instead. I’ve tried using my curry comb on him but because it’s rubber it doesn’t puncture the skin (just leaves those white marks) so I may upgrade to a metal one.

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